Arlo Camera Offline: How to Fix

Arlo cameras are popular for their advanced security features and ease of use. However, like any other technology, these cameras can sometimes experience technical difficulties, such as going offline. This article will outline the potential reasons and troubleshooting steps to help you bring your Arlo camera back online and resume optimal operation.

Reasons Why Your Arlo Camera Keeps Going Offline

Low Battery

One common cause of Arlo cameras going offline is a low battery. Ensuring that the battery is fully charged can help prevent the camera from going offline.

Some Arlo camera models that may experience low battery issues include:

  • Arlo 720P HD Add-on Security Camera (VMC3030)
  • Arlo Pro Indoor/Outdoor (VMC3040)
  • Arlo Pro Indoor (VMC3040S)
  • Arlo Baby (ABC1000)
  • Arlo Pro (VMC4030)
  • Arlo Pro 2 (VMC4030P)

Weather Conditions

Although Arlo cameras are designed to be weatherproof, extreme weather conditions can still cause them to go offline. High humidity, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures hot or cold might negatively affect the performance of the camera. Make sure you place your camera in a protected location to avoid exposure to extreme conditions.

Interference with Wi-Fi or SmartHub

Interference between the Arlo camera and the Wi-Fi or SmartHub can cause the camera to go offline.

Tips to minimize interference include:

  • Maintain a clear line of sight between the devices
  • Reduce the number of Wi-Fi networks and devices around the camera
  • Ensure the camera is within range of your router or SmartHub

Some common Arlo SmartHub and base station models are VMB3000, VMB3010, VMB3500, VMB4000, VMB4500, VMB4540, and VMB5000.

Router and Internet Issues

Arlo cameras may go offline if there are connectivity issues with your router or internet network. To troubleshoot:

  • Check your internet connection
  • Reset your router
  • Update the router firmware
  • Adjust the Wi-Fi channel

Arlo cameras that connect directly to Wi-Fi, without a SmartHub or base station, include VMC2020, VMC2030, VMC2032, and VMC4041P.

Arlo Camera and Base Station Models

Different Arlo camera and base station models may experience specific offline causes. Below is a list of various Arlo camera models:

  • VMC4040P
  • AVD1001
  • FB1001
  • VMC4050P
  • AAD1001
  • AC1001
  • VMC5040
  • VML2030
  • AC2001
  • VMC2040

In addition to the mentioned camera models, there are multiple base station and SmartHub models (already listed above). Understanding your specific Arlo camera and base station models can help identify and troubleshoot any offline issues.

Troubleshooting Steps for When Your Arlo Camera Goes Offline

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- troubleshooting arlo offline

Check Battery and Power Source

First, ensure your Arlo camera has sufficient battery life or is properly connected to its power source. Replace or recharge the battery if necessary. Remember that extreme weather conditions can affect the battery life of your Arlo camera.

Check WiFi, Router, and Internet Connection

Make sure there is a stable internet connection and your router is functioning as it should. Check if the base station is online, with Power LED and Internet LED solid green. Restart your router if needed, and be aware of potential signal interference from other electronic devices.

Check Signal Range

Position your camera closer to the base station to ensure that it is within the range of the signal for proper functionality. Keep in mind that walls and other physical obstructions may weaken the signal.

Reset Camera and Base Station Settings

Try resetting your camera settings by pressing and releasing the Sync button on the Arlo SmartHub or base station. Connectivity should resume, but you may need to reconfigure your settings afterward.

Perform a Factory Reset

As a last resort, perform a factory reset on your camera and base station. Note, however, that this will erase all previous settings and you will need to reconfigure your devices afterward.

Please follow these troubleshooting steps in solving offline issues with your Arlo camera.

Arlo Secure App Tips

Firmware Updates

Keeping your Arlo camera’s firmware up-to-date is important for optimal performance and security. To ensure your camera has the latest firmware, you can check for updates through the Arlo Secure app. If an update is available, you can easily install it following the in-app instructions.

Status LED

The Arlo camera’s status LED can provide valuable information for troubleshooting purposes. Familiarize yourself with the different colors and patterns of the LED:

  • Solid blue: Camera is connected to a network and functioning correctly.
  • Flashing blue: Camera is syncing with the base station or setting up a direct connection with a router.
  • Flashing amber: Camera is attempting to establish a connection.
  • Solid amber: Camera is experiencing connectivity issues or is offline.

Library and Feed

The Arlo Secure app offers two interface options: Library and Feed. Both provide access to your camera’s recordings and live stream, but they differ in layout and functionality.

  • Library: This option organizes your recordings in a chronological list. You can easily scroll through and select individual clips to view or download.
  • Feed: This alternative view organizes your recordings in a grid-like format, with each video represented by a thumbnail image. This makes it easier to identify specific events visually, but may require more scrolling to find older clips.

Proper Camera Placement

Proper camera placement is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and avoiding signal interference. Here are some tips for camera placement:

  • Place your camera at least 7 feet above the ground for an improved vantage point and to reduce the risk of tampering.
  • Avoid placing the camera near large metal objects, as they can interfere with the wireless signal.
  • Keep the camera within the recommended range of the base station or router (approximately 300 feet) for optimal signal strength.
  • Ensure the camera has a clear line of sight to the area you want to monitor.

Storage Options

Arlo offers various storage options for your recordings:

  • Arlo Secure plans: Subscription-based cloud storage plans are available, offering 2K or 4K video resolution and advanced features.
  • Local storage: You can use a microSD card or a USB storage device connected to the base station to store your recordings locally.
  • HomeKit integration: If you use Apple HomeKit, your Arlo camera can store recordings directly to iCloud, depending on your iCloud storage plan.

Arlo Go Series Camera Offline

The Arlo Go Series cameras are designed for mobile usage and provide a versatile security solution. These cameras are equipped with mobile data capabilities, allowing them to function without a Wi-Fi connection. Although their features and capabilities offer convenience, there might be instances when Arlo Go Series cameras go offline, which require troubleshooting and maintenance.

There are several common factors that can cause the Arlo Go Series cameras to go offline:

  • Battery related issues: If the battery of an Arlo Go camera is low or dead, the camera might go offline. To resolve this issue, replace the battery or recharge it, if necessary.
  • LED behavior: The LED light on the camera can provide valuable information regarding its connection status. For instance, if the LED blinks amber and blue, the camera is receiving a firmware update. In such cases, wait for the update to complete.
  • Signal interference: In some cases, the camera might not be able to maintain a stable connection to the mobile network. If the camera is within mobile coverage but cannot connect to the cloud, try moving the camera closer to a window, or consider changing its location altogether.
  • Firmware updates: Updates to the cameras’ software can also cause temporary offline issues. Most updates resolve themselves, but if the camera remains offline, users may need to reboot the camera by removing and reinserting the battery.

When troubleshooting an offline Arlo Go Series camera, it is essential to observe the camera’s LED behavior and battery life, as well as ensuring it is within a mobile coverage area. By addressing these issues promptly and effectively, the Arlo Go Series cameras can provide reliable security monitoring for various environments.

Arlo Support Options

Arlo offers various support options to assist users facing issues with their Arlo cameras, including Arlo Support website, Arlo Community, and Live Chat. These platforms aim to provide quick and reliable solutions to common questions and concerns.