August Smart Lock vs Wyze Lock

In the evolving landscape of home security, smart locks have become a popular choice for enhancing convenience and control over home access.

Among the array of options, August Smart Lock and Wyze Lock are two prominent contenders. Each brand offers distinct features and approaches to integration with your home’s existing security setup.

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Choosing the right smart lock for your home involves comparing these features against your personal needs and preferences. August Smart Lock is recognized for its compatibility with existing deadbolts, which allows for relatively straightforward installation without replacing your current lock hardware.

On the other hand, Wyze Lock boasts ease of installation and a lightweight design, which may appeal to you if you’re looking for a quick and user-friendly setup.

Your decision may also hinge on the specific functionalities each brand provides. While considering a smart lock, you should assess how it integrates with other smart home devices, the level of security it offers, and how it fits into your lifestyle.

The convenience of keyless entry, remote access, and the ability to monitor who comes and goes are just some aspects you’re likely to evaluate.

Overview of Smart Locks

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As you explore the realm of smart home devices, understanding the role and development of smart locks becomes crucial. These devices not only enhance the convenience of accessing your property but also integrate seamlessly into the growing ecosystem of smart homes.

Evolution of Smart Locks

Smart locks have undergone significant transformations since their inception. Initially, they were seen merely as electronic locks with keypads, but now they’ve evolved into sophisticated devices that offer an array of features. This evolution is marked by the following milestones:

  • Early stages: Keypad and card access systems.
  • Integration: Connectivity with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Advanced Features: Remote access, user-specific codes, and integration with smart home platforms.

Importance of Smart Locks in Modern Homes

In modern homes, smart locks are pivotal for numerous reasons:

  1. Convenience: You can unlock or lock your doors remotely, which is handy when you’re not physically present to let someone in or ensure your home is secured after leaving.
  2. Enhanced Security: Smart locks provide features such as encryption and real-time alerts that traditional locks cannot offer, allowing you to monitor access to your home closely.

Remember, by adopting smart locks, you’re not just upgrading a single device; you’re enhancing your entire smart home ecosystem, streamlining your daily routine for a safer and more convenient living environment.

August Smart Lock Features

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In assessing the capabilities of the August Smart Lock, you’ll find a suite of features designed to enhance your smart home’s security and convenience.

Connectivity Options

Your August Smart Lock seamlessly integrates with Bluetooth for close-range communication, ensuring easy access when you’re nearby. Moreover, with the addition of an August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, you gain the ability to control the lock remotely. This smart lock notably supports voice commands through Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, making it a versatile addition to various smart home ecosystems.

Security Features

The security of your home is bolstered with features like DoorSense, which provides real-time updates on whether your door is securely closed and locked. For your convenience and safety, auto-lock and auto-unlock options are available, engaging as soon as you leave or approach your home, thanks to geofencing technology. Privacy is a priority, as you can set the lock to disable features like auto-unlock when you don’t need them.

Ease of Installation and Use

Installing the August Smart Lock is a process that you should find straightforward, typically not requiring replacement of your existing deadbolt. This means you can keep your original keys as a backup. For ease of access, optional accessories such as the keypad allow for keyless entry. You can manage all these settings through a user-friendly app, making daily use effortlessly simple.

Wyze Smart Lock Features

Your experience with the Wyze Lock will be shaped by its user-friendly app and various security features that offer convenience and peace of mind.

Wyze App and Usability

With the Wyze app, you can effortlessly control your smart lock from your smartphone, regardless of your location. The app’s interface is intuitive, providing a stress-free setup and daily operation. You’ll enjoy features such as:

  • Keyless Entry: Unlock your door with a simple tap on your smartphone.
  • Auto Lock: Your Wyze Lock senses when the door is closed and can automatically lock behind you.
  • Notifications: Stay informed with real-time alerts when your door is unlocked or left ajar.

The Wyze Lock integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This compatibility allows you to lock or unlock your door using voice commands for added convenience.

Security and Accessibility Options

Wyze takes your security seriously, offering:

  • Wyze Lock Keypad: For times when you don’t have your phone, the optional keypad allows access through a unique PIN.
  • Battery: Powered by 4 AA batteries, the Wyze Lock notifies you when they need replacing so you’re never locked out.
  • Remote Access: You can ‘grant or deny access to visitors from anywhere with an internet connection.

By capitalizing on these features, your Wyze Lock will provide you with comfort in knowing that your home is secure and accessible at your command.

Design and Aesthetics Comparison

When selecting a smart lock for your home, the design and aesthetics are crucial factors that contribute to your smart home’s overall look and feel.

August Smart Lock Design

Your August Smart Lock boasts a signature circular design that encapsulates its intelligent features in a compact and stylish exterior. The devices are generally larger in comparison to traditional locks, emphasizing a modern and sophisticated look that complements the door’s appearance. They come in different finishes, such as matte black and silver, providing versatility to match your door and home decor. Notably, an attractive aspect is the ability to install your August Smart Lock over your existing deadbolt, which maintains the external aesthetics of your door.

Wyze Smart Lock Design

In contrast, your Wyze Smart Lock offers a more streamlined and rectangular design, portraying a minimalist and elegant aesthetic that can easily blend with various door styles. At 1.45lbs with dimensions of 2.5 x 2 x 4.9 inches, the Wyze lock is designed to be unobtrusive and inconspicuous. Available typically in a silver finish, it focuses on a clean and simple appearance that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself while providing the security and convenience you seek from a smart lock.

Installation Process

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When choosing between the August Smart Lock and Wyze Lock, the ease of installation plays a pivotal role. Both locks are designed to work with your existing single-cylinder deadbolt and boast straightforward setup procedures.

Installing August Smart Locks

August Smart Locks offer a seamless installation process. You’ll keep your existing deadbolt in place, simply adding the smart lock component to the interior side of your door. A Phillips Head Screwdriver is commonly the only tool required. Step-by-step instructions are provided, often with accompanying visuals to ensure clarity. The lock’s LED status light will serve as a handy indicator for successful setup and battery life.

  • Tools Needed: Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Installation Steps:
    1. Remove the thumb latch of the existing deadbolt.
    2. Attach the August mounting plate.
    3. Connect the August Smart Lock to the mounting plate.
    4. Follow the in-app instructions to complete the installation.

Installing Wyze Lock

The Wyze Lock similarly emphasizes user-friendly installation. As with the August lock, you’ll use your existing deadbolt. Setup involves attaching the Wyze Lock’s mounting plate and then the lock mechanism itself, again typically requiring only a Phillips Head Screwdriver. Once installed, the Wyze app walks you through calibration and integration with your smart home ecosystem. You’ll also find visual cues, such as an LED status light, to confirm the lock is functioning correctly.

  • Tools Needed: Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Installation Steps:
    1. Fix the Wyze Lock plate to the inside of your door.
    2. Place the Wyze Lock onto the plate and secure it.
    3. Use the Wyze app for step-by-step guidance on finalizing the installation.

Integration and Compatibility

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When choosing a smart lock, understanding how it integrates with your existing smart home ecosystem and its compatibility with other devices is crucial for a seamless experience.

Smart Home Integration

Both August Smart Locks and Wyze Lock offer integration with popular smart home platforms. August provides compatibility with Apple HomeKit, enabling you to control the lock using Siri on your iPhone X or other iOS devices. It also supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing for vocal commands through these services. August locks incorporate Z-Wave technology, which connects with other smart home devices within this network for a cohesive system.

Wyze Lock, conversely, integrates with Alexa for voice control. It facilitates a connection through Zigbee using a gateway hub, which can be a central part of your smart home setup. However, it doesn’t natively support Apple’s HomeKit.

Device Compatibility

The compatibility of your smart lock with different devices ensures you can control it from anywhere with ease. August Smart Locks work with both Android and iOS platforms, providing a versatile approach for smartphone users. The August app facilitates remote control of the lock and offers additional features such as creating virtual keys for guests.

Wyze Lock also supports control via Android and iOS smartphones through the Wyze app. While both brands offer a range of functionalities through their respective apps, ensuring your smartphone’s operating system is compatible is essential for utilizing the full potential of your smart lock.

Security Aspects

When choosing between August Smart Lock and Wyze Lock, your home’s security is paramount. Evaluating their encryption and privacy protocols along with the specific security features and alerts they offer is crucial for making an informed decision.

Encryption and Privacy

August Smart Lock:

  • Encryption: Employs Bluetooth Energy (BLE) technology and AES 128-bit encryption to secure communication.
  • Privacy: Offers a feature called ‘Private Mode’ which disables certain functionalities to enhance privacy.

Wyze Lock:

  • Encryption: Utilizes end-to-end encryption to protect user data and lock combinations.
  • Privacy: Adheres to stringent data security practices, although details on specific privacy modes are less clear.

Security Features and Alerts

August Smart Lock:

  • Two-Factor Authentication: Provides an extra layer of security for your account.
  • Deadbolt Compatibility: Compatible with your existing deadbolt, allowing for a seamless retrofitting process.
  • Alerts: Sends real-time notifications to your phone for lock activity and low battery warnings.

Wyze Lock:

  • Two-Factor Authentication: Also includes two-factor authentication for added account protection.
  • Deadbolt Conversion: Allows for easy conversion of your existing lock without replacing the deadbolt.
  • Alerts: Features real-time alerts for door position, granting you peace of mind knowing if your door is ajar.

Convenience and Functionality

When considering a smart lock for your home, key aspects to look at include how they enhance convenience and the functionality they offer for managing access remotely and for different guests.

Remote Access and Guest Features

Remote Access:

  • August Smart Lock: You can manage your door remotely using the August app, granting you the flexibility to control access to your home from anywhere. This is especially useful for managing guests or services like dog walkers.
  • Wyze Lock: Similar to August, remote access is available, allowing you to lock or unlock the door via the Wyze app.

Guest Accounts:

  • Both brands offer the ability to create guest accounts.
    • August: You can assign temporary or recurring access to guests, which can be convenient for Airbnb hosts or when you’re expecting visitors.
    • Wyze: It also allows you to add guest accounts, making it simple to provide access to your home for a limited time.

Convenience Features

Auto-Unlock Feature:

  • August: Employs geo-fencing technology to recognize your arrival and automatically unlocks the door for you.
  • Wyze: This feature is not as prominent in the Wyze Lock compared to August.

Voice Commands:

  • Smart Home Integration: Both locks integrate with popular smart home systems for voice control.
    • August: Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, enhancing its functionality with voice commands.
    • Wyze: Also offers integration with these systems, permitting you to lock or unlock your door using voice commands.

By applying these advanced features, your daily routines become more streamlined, ensuring you have one less thing to worry about as you go about your day.

Product Ecosystem and Accessories

When you consider integrating a Wyze Lock or August Smart Lock into your home, the surrounding ecosystem and compatible accessories play a significant role. Wyze offers a comprehensive ecosystem, which includes the well-known Wyze Cam and other smart home devices designed to work seamlessly with one another. By choosing Wyze, you enter an expansive smart home environment that provides a unified experience across multiple devices.

Wyze Ecosystem:

  • Wyze Cam
  • Wyze Bulb
  • Wyze Plug
  • Other Smart Home Devices

In contrast, August Smart Locks also support a robust ecosystem, particularly excelling with direct integrations with voice assistants and smart home platforms. Aside from the core lock functionality, August offers additional accessories to enhance your experience.

August Accessories:

  • Smart Keypad: Offers code-based entry
  • Connect Wi-Fi Bridge: Enables remote access
  • Doorbell Cameras: For added security and convenience

The Smart Keypad accessory, for instance, complements both the Wyze and August locks by providing an alternative means of entry through numerical codes. This is especially handy if you prefer not carrying a physical key or if you need to grant access to guests.

Your choice between Wyze and August may also depend on the wider array of smart home products you prefer or already use. Each brand has its advantages, but alignment with your current or desired smart home setup is crucial. Assess whether the available accessories meet your specific needs and how they interact with other smart devices you own.

Customer Support and Warranty

When you choose a smart lock, understanding the customer support and warranty terms is crucial. August offers a supportive customer service team alongside a limited warranty. Typically, your August smart lock comes with a one-year limited warranty covering manufacturing defects.

For assistance, Wyze provides a detailed help center and customer service team to address your inquiries. Wyze locks are backed by a one-year limited warranty as well, ensuring protection against hardware malfunctions due to normal use.

Here’s a comparative overview:

SupportDedicated help center; phone, email supportOnline help center; email support
Warranty1-year limited1-year limited

Remember, warranty claims require you to furnish proof of purchase and adhere to the company’s warranty terms. It’s advisable to review these terms upon purchase to familiarize yourself with your rights and obligations. Should you encounter an issue, both companies’ customer support can guide you through troubleshooting or the warranty claim process.

Always keep your receipt and understand what is and isn’t covered under warranty to ensure the best experience with your smart lock’s support and warranty services.

Price and Value Comparison

When considering a smart lock for your home, the comparison between August Smart Lock and the Wyze Lock often comes down to price and the overall value you get for your investment.


The Wyze Lock tends to be the more inexpensive option on the market. Prices usually start at around $107.98 for the lock alone. If you opt for the Wyze Smart Lock with the keypad, your cost is typically $132.96.

In contrast, the August Smart Lock Pro, complete with the Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, is priced higher, with figures typically around $229.99. It’s notable that August’s offering spans a wide range, with some models priced less than the Pro version, but they generally remain at a premium compared to Wyze.

Value for Money

While Wyze offers a budget-friendly price point, August Smart Locks are often perceived as offering greater value due to their comprehensive features and robust build quality. You benefit from a product that doesn’t require an entire replacement of your current lock mechanism, likely saving you installation costs and time.

Moreover, the higher price tag of August reflects a broader selection within its series, allowing you to choose features that best suit your needs. This flexibility is a significant plus in a competitive market, making August a contender for the best value smart lock title for those looking for a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and security enhancements.

Consumer Ratings and Reviews

When you’re deciding between the August Smart Lock and the Wyze Lock, consumer ratings and reviews can offer valuable insights. For the August Smart Lock, reviews often highlight its slim design and ease of use, a notable aspect from its loyal user base. Ratings on platforms like CNET and Wirecutter tend to be positive, with the lock frequently receiving praise for reliable performance and straightforward installation.

In contrast, the Wyze Lock, which is typically marketed as a more budget-friendly option, receives a mix of reviews. Positive feedback frequently mentions its affordability and the basic features it offers at that price point. However, some users have pointed out concerns with the reliability, especially being a first-generation product from Wyze.

Here, you can see common ratings outlined:

Smart LockAverage Consumer Rating
August Smart Lock4.2 (Based on various online retailers)
Wyze Lock3.8 (Based on various online retailers)

CNET and similar technology review sites offer a more in-depth analysis, and while they may not always align perfectly with user ratings, such expert opinions can be a strong indicator of a product’s performance. They often conduct thorough testing to provide potential buyers with a comprehensive understanding of the smart lock capabilities.

Your final decision should consider these reviews and ratings, reflecting both expert opinions and the experiences of everyday users. By comparing this information, you ensure that your choice aligns with your expectations and needs for a smart home lock system.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

In deciding between the August Smart Lock and the Wyze Lock, consider both the practical features and the investment value they bring to your smart home ecosystem.

Choosing the Right Smart Lock for Your Home

The choice between the August Smart Lock and the Wyze Lock hinges on your specific needs. For a stylish design and reliable connectivity, August’s range of smart locks typically stands out.

Their locks offer encryptions and smart features such as remote access through a proprietary app, complete with value-added functionalities.

On the other hand, if cost efficiency is paramount for you, the Wyze Lock presents a more budget-friendly option. However, it’s important to consider that as a newer market entry, there may be potential for unforeseen issues.

It’s not just about choosing a lock; it’s about choosing a system that integrates seamlessly with your lifestyle. For those seeking a broader range of smart home compatibility, it’s worth investigating other top contenders like the Schlage Encode, which offers a robust set of smart features including text and email code sharing.

Summary of Comparison

  • August Smart Lock: Known for a slim and stylish design, with a focus on strong connectivity and a smooth user experience through its dedicated application.
  • Wyze Lock: Offers a lower price point, which is appealing for budget-conscious consumers, but is a first-generation product that might have some growing pains.

When comparing these against other leaders like the Schlage Encode or the Nest x Yale, you’ll find August and Wyze provide competitive features. However, the Schlage Encode is a notable mention for its comprehensive smart features and dual code sharing options via text and email.

Remember to weigh these details against your preferences for design, functionality, and cost to ensure your chosen smart lock aligns with your home and lifestyle needs.

About the Manufacturers

When exploring smart lock options, you encounter products from two notable players in the home automation market: August and Wyze.

August Home, founded in 2013, rapidly established itself as a specialist in smart lock technology. Your understanding of its innovative approach to security and convenience is exemplified through its range of keyless door entry products. Over the years, August has gained popularity for integrating its locks with existing home automation systems and leading platforms like Apple’s HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

In contrast, Wyze Labs entered the smart home market with the debut of its affordable camera in 2017, emphasizing cost-efficiency without sacrificing quality. Wyze broadened its portfolio to include smart locks, offering you options that emphasize simplicity and user-friendly installation. While Wyze might be a newcomer compared to August, its commitment to accessibility has carved out a significant place for itself in the market.

ManufacturerFoundedSpecialtyKnown For
August2013Smart LocksAdvanced security, easy integration
Wyze2017Smart Home DevicesAffordability, user-centric design

Your consideration of these manufacturers takes into account their history in the smart home space. Whether you lean towards market veterans like August or innovative disruptors like Wyze, you have quality options to secure your home. Each offers you different takes on smart technology that cater to various preferences in home automation.

In recent years, you’ve witnessed a significant leap in smart lock technology. Manufacturers like August and Wyze have introduced innovative features to improve your home’s security and convenience.

Trend Insights:

  • Integration: Smart locks now often integrate with home automation systems, offering you control via voice commands or smartphone apps.
  • Accessibility: The adoption of virtual keys has risen, allowing you to grant temporary access to guests without physical keys.
  • Security Features: The market has seen an enhancement in security protocols, with smart locks now attaining ANSI Grade 1 certification, indicating top-level residential security.


  • August smart locks, for example, allow for retrofitting over existing deadbolts, making installation simpler for you.
  • Wyze has focused on competitive pricing, offering a budget-friendly option without compromising on essential features such as remote access.

Competitive Landscape:

  • The augment of Geofencing allows smart locks to automatically lock or unlock as you leave or approach, making them an even more convenient option.
  • Manufacturers remain in stiff competition, continuously rolling out updates to make their products the mainstay of your smart home ecosystem.

Looking to the Future:

  • The smart lock market is poised for growth, with a focus on enhanced connectivity and interoperability among smart home devices.
  • Anticipate advancements in biometric technology and even more robust encryption methods to secure your digital keys.

By keeping abreast of these trends and advancements, you maintain a secure and modern home, leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities that the smart lock market continues to offer.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

August Smart Lock

  • Early Low-Battery Alerts: Replace batteries promptly to ensure continuous operation.

  • Battery Drain: Check for software updates that may improve battery management.

  • Network Disconnects: Ensure your Wi-Fi is stable, and try resetting your router if disconnects persist.

  • Incorrect Door Status: Verify the alignment of your lock and the DoorSense sensor to ensure proper readings.

  • Unexpected Unlocking: Review auto-unlock settings and geofencing parameters.
  • Auto-lock Issues: Confirm auto-lock settings in the app and check for interference.
  • HomeKit Problems: Reset the connection within your HomeKit settings for resolution.
  • Initial Setup Difficulties: Follow in-app instructions meticulously; reach out to support if problems continue.
  • DoorSense Malfunctions: Make sure the sensor is correctly installed and calibrated.
  • Keypad Troubles: Inspect for any physical obstructions, and ensure the keypad has power.

Wyze Lock

  • Calibration Issues: Re-calibrate your lock via the Wyze app.
  • Connectivity Problems: Position your Wyze Lock Gateway closer to your lock for a stronger connection.
  • Auto-unlock Inconsistencies: Tweak geofence settings and update your location permissions.
  • Motor Obstructions: Clear any debris and recalibrate the lock.

Maintenance Tips: Regularly check the hardware for both locks, including batteries, alignment, and connection to your smartphone. Update your smartphone and lock’s firmware to the latest versions to avoid common troubleshooting issues.

When considering a smart lock for your home, such as August Smart Lock or Wyze Lock, you must be aware of the privacy and legal implications.

Privacy: Both companies have privacy policies that detail how your data is collected, used, and protected. For instance, your lock activity and guest access information could be stored.

You should read these policies thoroughly to ensure you’re comfortable with what data is being collected and how it’s used.

As part of the terms of service, you may agree to data sharing with third-party services for improved functionality which could have further implications for privacy.

  • August’s Commitment: Uses AES 128-bit and TLS encryption to secure data transmission.
  • Wyze’s Approach: Provides end-to-end encryption to safeguard your data.

Legal: The terms of service for both devices will outline your legal rights and the company’s liability. Smart locks, being part of the Internet of Things, pose unique legal considerations, such as:

  • Ownership of Data: Clarify who owns the data generated by your smart lock.
  • Liability: Determine the extent to which the company is liable for unauthorized access.

Terms of Service:

  • This document will guide your legal relationship with the provider. You are bound by these terms once you use the product, so review them for any clauses that could affect your rights or the company’s responsibilities.

For both August and Wyze, adherence to privacy and a commitment to legal transparency are important. It’s essential that you, as the user, stay informed about these aspects to maintain control over your smart home devices.


When choosing between the August Smart Lock and the Wyze Lock, you should consider your specific needs for home security and smart home integration.

August Smart Locks have established a strong reputation, offering easy installation and a variety of features. They incorporate well into your existing home setup, allowing use of the current deadbolt.

Notably, their compatibility with various smart home systems and the provision of geofencing are significant advantages.

In contrast, Wyze Locks offer a compelling value proposition, emphasizing simplified security solutions. Although similar in basic functionality to August, they may differ in the finer details of the user experience and third-party integrations.

It’s also worth noting the differences in the installation process and the ANSI security ratings, which could be pivotal in your decision-making process.

Your choice should align with the priorities you have for your home:

  • Security: Look into each product’s ANSI rating.
  • Smart Home Ecosystem: Verify compatibility with your existing devices.
  • Ease of Installation and Use: Decide if you prefer a simple setup or a more robust feature set.
  • Budget: Weigh the costs against the features provided.

Remember, you’re investing in the safety and convenience of your home. Take the time to assess which lock aligns best with your lifestyle and security needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore these common inquiries about August Smart Locks and Wyze Smart Locks to understand their differences in installation, security features, battery life, smart home integration, pricing, and user experiences.

How do August Smart Locks and Wyze Smart Locks differ in terms of installation and ease of use?

You’ll find that August Smart Locks typically offer straightforward installation, often not requiring changes to your existing deadbolt. Wyze Smart Locks also prioritize ease of use and provide a simple installation process. However, each brand has its unique installation steps, so user experience may vary.

What security features set August Smart Locks apart from Wyze Smart Locks?

August Smart Locks generally feature robust security protocols, including secure encryption and the convenience of a private application for enhanced control. Wyze Locks are also designed with security in mind but may offer different specifications or features compared to August’s offerings.

What are the battery life comparisons between August and Wyze Smart Locks?

Battery life is crucial for smart locks. You can expect August Smart Locks to run on AA batteries, with a life span varying by usage. Wyze Smart Locks utilize similar battery types and, while usage will influence longevity, the expected battery life may differ between the two brands.

Can August and Wyze Smart Locks integrate with other smart home ecosystems, and if so, how do they compare in this aspect?

Your August Smart Lock integrates well with various smart home systems, providing versatility in your smart home setup. Wyze Smart Locks also support integration, but the extent and ease of connectivity with other devices might have some differences when compared to August.

What is the price difference between the August Smart Locks and Wyze Smart Locks, and what value does each brand offer?

Expect to pay more for an August Smart Lock, which reflects their market position and the quality offered. Wyze Smart Locks are noted for their affordability, and while they may come with fewer advanced features, they are competitive in the budget-friendly segment.

How do user reviews and experiences with August and Wyze Smart Locks compare, particularly in terms of reliability and customer support?

Your experience with customer support can vary across brands. August has built a reputation for reliability and has an established user base that can attest to its customer service. The Wyze brand, while newer on the market, offers its own responsive customer support, although reviews and experiences may vary due to it being a first edition product by the company.