Blink Camera Sensitivity Setting

Blink cameras are popular security devices used to monitor and protect homes and offices. One of the key features of these cameras is their motion detection capabilities. To ensure accurate and efficient motion detection, adjusting the camera’s sensitivity settings is vital for a quality experience.

Sensitivity Level

Blink camera sensitivity settings play a crucial role in determining how the camera responds to motion events.

You can adjust the sensitivity level to fine-tune the camera’s motion detection capabilities.

  • Low sensitivity (L): Less prone to false alarms, but might miss smaller or farther objects.
  • Medium sensitivity: Balanced setting, suitable for most scenarios.
  • High sensitivity (H): More prone to false alarms, but more likely to detect subtle motions.

To adjust the sensitivity level:

  • 1. Open the Blink app and tap on Camera Settings.
  • 2. Select Motion Settings tab.
  • 3. Move the Sensitivity slider to your desired level.
  • 4. Tap Save to apply the changes.

Motion Detection Sensitivity

Motion detection is key for the Blink camera to operate efficiently. In the Motion Settings, you can enable Motion Detection, allowing the camera to monitor its surroundings for any changes.

Experimenting with different sensitivity levels will help you achieve the desired balance between avoiding false alarms and capturing significant events.

  • Low sensitivity: Ideal for low-traffic areas or when you want to avoid triggering the camera with small movements.
  • High sensitivity: Recommended for high-traffic areas or if you require the camera to capture even subtle movements.

Adjusting Camera Sensitivity and Notification Settings

In this section, we will discuss how to adjust the sensitivity settings for your Blink camera and make the necessary modifications to the notification settings.

Motion Sensitivity

To adjust the motion sensitivity on your Blink camera, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Blink app and tap on the Settings icon above the camera thumbnail.
  2. Select Motion Settings.
  3. Adjust the Motion Sensitivity slider to the desired level. Move the slider towards L for low sensitivity and towards H for high sensitivity.
  4. Tap Save to save your changes and exit the settings.

Adjusting motion sensitivity allows you to customize how your Blink camera detects motion and can help reduce or eliminate false alarms.

Best Settings for Different Locations

When setting up your Blink camera, it’s important to choose the right sensitivity setting based on the location:

  • Indoors: Lower sensitivity levels may be more suitable indoors since smaller spaces have fewer motion events and less natural light.
  • Outdoors: Higher sensitivity levels might be necessary for outdoor environments such as a backyard, driveway, or entrance, as they are more susceptible to movement and have varying amounts of light.

Reducing False Alarms

To reduce false alarms, consider the following adjustments:

  • Motion Zones: Create customized motion zones in the Blink app to focus only on areas you want to monitor.
  • Retrigger Time: Increasing the retrigger time will ensure that the camera doesn’t record multiple clips for the same event.
  • Camera Placement: Position the camera so that its field of view is not obstructed by objects, such as a car, that may trigger unwanted motion events.

If you’re still facing sensitivity issues, consider the following factors:

  • Position and angle of the camera: Optimal placement is crucial for detecting motion effectively. If needed, reposition your camera to ensure that the field of view covers the desired area.
  • Camera distance: Blink cameras are designed to work effectively within 20 ft (~6 meters) of the monitored area. If the camera is too far from the area of interest, consider moving it closer.
  • Interference from physical objects: Ensure that there are no obstacles blocking the camera’s field of view and causing the motion sensor to malfunction.

By addressing these factors and following the steps above, you can effectively troubleshoot Blink camera sensitivity issues.