Does Blink Work with Ring?

Blink and Ring are popular choices when it comes to security cameras and doorbells. One question that might come to mind is whether Blink cameras can work with Ring devices, simplifying your home automation and security management experience.

Blink and Ring do not work together, separate apps are needed to control the devices. But they can both be controlled using the Alexa application.

You can connect these gadgets by creating an Alexa routine on your app, and link the devices. For example, you can use the Blink camera to detect motion and then send a notification to your Ring Doorbell to start recording. This way, you can efficiently manage your home security through a single platform.

Blink is primarily known for its motion capture cameras that record in five-second intervals. Though their suite of products may be limited, they are generally more affordable and simple to use. On the other hand, Ring is a popular choice for its lineup of video doorbells and security cameras, boasting wide field of vision and comprehensive protection options. They also offer 24/7 professional monitoring, a feature not available in Blink systems.

When choosing between Ring and Blink, consider how each system will align with your specific needs. Aspects like pricing, features, monitoring options, and compatibility with other devices in your home may affect the decision. Just remember to think about what level of security is most appropriate for your home, as well as the desired level of convenience and accessibility.

Compatibility and Integration

App Integration

Although Blink and Ring are both owned by Amazon, their devices were initially developed by different teams. As a result, they have separate apps for managing their respective security systems.

Alexa and Skills

While Blink cameras do not directly integrate with Ring devices, you can connect them using the Alexa app. Alexa serves as a unifying platform that allows both systems to work together. To do this, simply create an Alexa routine and link your Blink and Ring devices.

With a properly configured Alexa routine, your Blink camera can detect motion and send a notification to your Ring Doorbell to start recording. By leveraging Alexa’s capabilities, you essentially enhance your overall home security experience by combining Blink and Ring technologies.