Does Ring Alarm Call Police?

In today’s world, ensuring home security is more important than ever. Many homeowners turn to modern technology, such as Ring Alarm systems, to safeguard their properties.

One of the primary concerns and questions that homeowners have about these systems is does Ring Alarm can call police durning an emergency?

If you have a Ring Protect Plus subscription, which includes professional monitoring, police will be contacted by Ring if requested.

Keep reading to learn more about how Ring Alarm enhances your home security through smart collaboration with local authorities.

How Does the Ring Alarm System Work

Components of the Ring Alarm System

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The Ring Alarm system is a popular home security solution that offers various components to provide comprehensive protection for your home.

Some of the key elements included in the system are:

  • Base Station: Serves as the central hub, connecting all the sensors and devices. The Ring Alarm base station communicates with your home network and sends alerts to your phone via the Ring app.
  • Keypad: Allows you to arm and disarm your alarm system using a unique code or the Ring app.
  • Sensors: The system includes multiple sensors for complete coverage. Door/window sensors detect when an entry point is opened or closed, motion detectors sense any unexpected movement, and other specialized sensors monitor for signs of danger.
  • Ring Cameras: Optional Ring cameras can be integrated into the system to provide live video feed and recordings for added security.

The Ring Alarm system is designed to help homeowners monitor their household and protect against intruders, environmental threats, and more. When the system detects potential threats, the Base Station triggers an alarm, and the user receives a notification.

The alarm system itself doesn’t directly call the police. Instead, if you have a Ring Protect Pro subscription plan, the Ring Alarm system can be professionally monitored 24/7 by the Ring Monitoring Center.

In case the alarm is triggered, the center attempts to contact you, and if they can’t reach you or confirm a false alarm, they can dispatch emergency services like police or fire department to your home.

Does Ring Alarm Call the Police

Ring Alarm is an increasingly popular home security system that offers an affordable and user-friendly solution to add an extra layer of safety to your home or business. The system is designed to work closely with emergency responders during times of crisis.

The Ring Alarm system’s core function is to monitor the sensors in your home, such as door and window alarms. When a threat is detected, it sends a signal to the Ring monitoring center. In case of emergencies, the Ring Alarm system has the capability to call the police and other emergency services.

It is important to note that some local laws require homeowners to acquire a permit or registration for home alarm systems with professional monitoring. You can acquire information regarding permits by contacting your local police department or town hall.

To ensure a quick and efficient response during an emergency, store the Ring Alarm monitoring center phone number (833-209-2159) in your mobile device contacts. When an emergency call comes in, it will originate from that number.

In summary, the Ring Alarm system does have the ability to call the police when necessary. Keep in mind the importance of obtaining the required permits and storing the monitoring center’s phone number to facilitate a seamless response during emergencies.

Professional Monitoring and Emergency Response

Ring Protect Plus Subscription

Ring Alarm offers a professional monitoring service called Ring Protect Plus. This subscription-based service provides 24/7 emergency support, which includes police, fire, and medical response.

When an alarm is triggered, the Ring monitoring center is alerted and proceeds with the appropriate actions.

Ring Alarm Benefits
24/7 emergency police, fire, and medical response
Alarm cellular backup
Save up to $100 or more per year on home insurance

Customizable Police Response Options

Ring Alarm recognizes that users may have different requirements when it comes to police response. To accommodate these differences, they offer customizable police response options for residential neighbors with professional monitoring.

When a user triggers SOS in the Ring app, a signal is sent to request emergency response such as police, fire, or medical assistance. The monitoring center will then attempt to call the user’s first emergency contact.

If there is no answer, the center will proceed to requesting the appropriate response based on the user’s selection.

  • Request help on demand through the Ring app
  • User-selected police, fire, or medical response
  • Minimize false alarms and unexpected police visits

By utilizing the customizable police response options and the professional monitoring services available through Ring Protect Plus, users can have peace of mind knowing that their home security system is tailored to their needs, keeping their property and family safe.

Notifications and Panic Button

The Ring Alarm system offers several ways to notify users about emergencies and facilitate quick communication with emergency responders. Among these features are notifications and the Panic Button, which play a crucial role in maintaining safety and security.


The Ring Alarm system provides users with notifications for various events, such as water and temperature detection, even when the system is running on battery and cellular backup.

Users can choose to receive spoken alerts from the Ring Alarm Base Station every 10 minutes when water or cold temperatures are detected. Moreover, it is possible to snooze these alerts for up to 24 hours and end the snooze at any time.

Panic Button

The Panic Button is a key component of the Ring Alarm system, designed to provide immediate assistance during emergencies.

With simple setup through the Ring app, users can configure their Panic Button to trigger specific responses: Panic, Fire, or Medical.

Once pressed in an emergency, the Panic Button sends an alert to the Ring Alarm Base Station, and professional monitoring services are notified accordingly.

Additionally, the Ring app features an SOS button, which allows users to request emergency assistance from police, fire department, or medical personnel.

This icon, resembling a shield, can be found on the app dashboard and in Live View. Users can also customize the police response for their Ring Alarm system by choosing one of the following options:

  1. Default Response: The police will be requested to the location unless an emergency contact answers the phone and cancels the alarm with the correct verbal password.
  2. Only When I Say: The police will not be dispatched unless an emergency contact answers the phone and requests a response.

In conclusion, the Ring Alarm system’s notifications and Panic Button help users stay informed about potential threats and enable swift communication with emergency responders, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

Controlling Your Ring Alarm System

Disarming and Managing Through the App

The Ring app provides a comprehensive and user-friendly interface to manage and control your Ring Alarm system. You can easily arm, disarm, and monitor your home security through the app.

To disarm your system, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the Ring app and navigate to the Dashboard.
  2. Tap the Alarm icon, which looks like a shield or a house.
  3. Enter your safe password in the required field to disarm the system.

Your Ring Alarm address is associated with your account. You can edit or update your address in the Ring app by accessing the menu, then going to Settings, and selecting your desired address.

You can also control your device’s recording and notifications through the Ring app. For instance, you can toggle recording on or off by going to the menu and selecting the Devices tab. From there, choose the specific device, and use the toggles to enable or disable recording.

Preventing False Alarms and Privacy Concerns

Reducing False Alarms

One of the main concerns with security systems like Ring Alarm is the possibility of false alarms.

In order to reduce false alarms, it is important to:

  • Enter the correct Keypad code to quickly disarm your alarm.
  • Save the Ring monitoring center phone number (833-209-2159) as a contact in your phone as “Ring Alarm” and answer the call from the monitoring center when an alarm is triggered.
  • Provide the correct verbal password when contacted by the monitoring center to cancel the alarm.

It is crucial to keep your security system updated and to use reliable equipment to minimize false alarms, as they can lead to unnecessary involvement of emergency services and waste their valuable resources.

Ring’s Police Partnerships

Ring has established partnerships with various police departments to enhance security and provide quicker response times.

However, privacy concerns have arisen due to these partnerships:

  • Ring’s Neighbors App allows users to share footage with law enforcement, which can be beneficial, but it can also lead to privacy issues if misused.
  • In some cases, police departments have access to camera footage without the homeowner’s consent, which can be a violation of privacy.

To address these concerns, it is important to:

  • Adjust your Ring Alarm settings to determine how emergency services, such as the police and fire department, should be contacted when an alarm is activated.
  • Establish clear communication with your local police department regarding how they can access your Ring Alarm footage and under what circumstances.

By being proactive in preventing false alarms and staying informed about privacy concerns in relation to Ring’s police partnerships, you can create a safer and more secure environment for yourself and your community.