Does Ring Doorbell Have Night Vision?

In recent years, home security has become increasingly important, and one popular device that has made it accessible to homeowners is the Ring Video Doorbell. A key feature of any security device is its ability to function during both day and night, making night vision crucial to a comprehensive home security solution. The question on many potential buyers’ minds is whether the Ring Doorbell possesses this essential feature and whether it delivers a satisfactory level of quality and reliability.

The answer is, yes, the Ring Doorbell comes equipped with night vision capabilities, ensuring that homeowners can monitor their properties around the clock.

Does Ring Doorbell Have Night Vision?

Ring doorbells come equipped with night vision capabilities, making them an excellent choice for homeowners seeking 24/7 security.

Ring’s doorbells and cameras offer night vision through the use of infrared light. When the device detects low light conditions, the normal camera operation switches off and infrared light takes over, illuminating the surroundings and recording video. This allows for clear footage even in the absence of visible light.

Here’s a list of Ring Doorbell models that support night vision in black and white:

Ring Doorbell models with Night Vision in black and white
Video Doorbell 2nd generation
Video Doorbell 3
Video Doorbell 3 Plus
Video Doorbell 4
Video Doorbell Wired

In addition to the basic night vision feature, some Ring Doorbell models also offer Color Night Vision. This feature adds color to the video recordings in low light situations, improving clarity and motion detection. You can turn Color Night Vision on or off within the Ring app for select doorbell and camera models.

When it comes to installation, note that the Ring Video Doorbell Wired might require electrical work, which could be a consideration for renters.

In summary, Ring Doorbell models provide reliable night vision capabilities, offering homeowners enhanced security for their properties during both day and night.

Types of Night Vision in Ring Doorbells

Ring Doorbells are popular for their advanced features and capabilities, especially when it comes to video quality and night vision. There are two main types of night vision available in Ring Doorbells: Infrared Night Vision and Color Night Vision. This section discusses each type in-depth.

Infrared Night Vision

Infrared Night Vision is a common feature in most Ring Doorbell models, including:

Ring Doorbell Models with Infrared Night Vision
Video Doorbell 2nd generation
Video Doorbell 3
Video Doorbell 3 Plus
Video Doorbell 4
Video Doorbell Wired

The infrared night vision works by emitting infrared light, which is not visible to the human eye. The Ring Doorbell camera has a sensor capable of detecting this invisible light, which illuminates the scene in front of the doorbell at nighttime. The result is a black and white video image that provides coverage even in low light conditions.

Color Night Vision

Color Night Vision is a newer feature available in select Ring Doorbell models. It adds an extra layer of clarity and detail to nighttime video recordings by adding artificial color to areas of the recording that have sufficient light. This process is achieved by using onboard image processing and an IR-cut filter that moves out of the way, allowing more light to enter the camera sensor.

Color Night Vision can be turned on or off in the Ring App, depending on the user’s preference. When this feature is turned off, the Ring Doorbell will default to showing black and white video captured at night.

Ambient light plays a critical role in this process. The presence of external light sources, like streetlights or porch lights, can help improve the quality of color night vision. However, in extremely dark conditions with no ambient lighting, the Ring Doorbell may revert to infrared night vision to maintain visibility.

Ring Video Doorbells with Color Night Vision
Battery Doorbell Plus
Video Doorbell Pro
Video Doorbell Elite

Ring Doorbell Models and Night Vision Features

Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation)

ring video doorbell 2nd gen 1
- ring video doorbell 2nd gen

The Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) includes improved night vision capabilities. With its 1080p video resolution, this model allows you to monitor your doorstep at nighttime effectively, capturing clear images in low-light or nighttime conditions.

Video Doorbell 3

ring video doorbell 3 2
- ring video doorbell 3

As an upgrade to the Video Doorbell 2, the Ring Video Doorbell 3 retains the 1080p resolution and night vision features. The night vision functionality is enhanced by the device’s customizable motion zones, enabling better detection in specific areas near your doorstep during the night.

Video Doorbell 3 Plus

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus 3

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus is an advanced version of the Video Doorbell 3. While maintaining the same night vision capabilities and 1080p video resolution, the 3 Plus also includes the pre-roll function feature. This addition provides you with a 4-second preview video before a motion alert, also available during nighttime with its infrared night vision.

Video Doorbell 4

Ring Video Doorbell 4 4
- Ring Video Doorbell 4

Ring Video Doorbell 4 shares similar features to the Video Doorbell 3 Plus, with 1080p video resolution and night vision. This model also supports color pre-roll videos rather than just black and white pre-roll footage, rendering more detail and improving nighttime visibility around your doorstep.

Video Doorbell Wired

ring video doorbell wired 5
- ring video doorbell wired

Ring’s Video Doorbell Wired is the most affordable option among Ring doorbells, but it still provides 1080p video resolution and night vision functionality. The device is hardwired and requires an existing doorbell system to function.

Video Doorbell Pro

ring video doorbell pro 6
- ring video doorbell pro

The Video Doorbell Pro is another upgrade with 1080p video resolution and night vision. Additionally, it includes the color pre-roll function, introduced in the Video Doorbell 3 Plus, and the ability to customize motion zones for enhanced detection during nighttime.

Video Doorbell Pro 2

ring video doorbell pro 2 7
- ring video doorbell pro 2

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 delivers a high-quality video resolution of 1536p, which improves the image clarity of videos, maintaining night vision features. This model also features color pre-roll video and customizable motion zones functionality.

Video Doorbell Elite

ring video doorbell elite 8
- ring video doorbell elite

Ring’s premium flagship, the Video Doorbell Elite, provides the best video quality with 1080p resolution and night vision capabilities. It employs Power over Ethernet (PoE) for a reliable connection and has a flush-mount design for a sleek appearance. Customizable motion zones and two-way talk functionality are also available in this advanced model.

Motion Detection and Night Vision

Ring doorbells are equipped with advanced motion detection features that help to enhance the security of your home. Motion detection can detect motion up to 30 feet from the camera, ensuring that any activity within this range is captured and recorded. To further improve the efficiency of motion detection, make sure you have the latest version of the Ring app installed on your iOS or Android device.

One key aspect of motion detection is the customizable motion zones. This functionality allows you to define specific areas of your property that you want the doorbell to monitor for activity. For example, you might want to set motion zones around your front door or driveway. This will help to minimize false alarms and ensure that you receive notifications only for events that matter to you.

In addition to motion detection, all Ring doorbell models feature night vision capabilities. This is essential for maintaining security during the nighttime hours when visibility is reduced. Ring doorbells utilize infrared technology to capture high-quality video footage even in complete darkness. This ensures that you can monitor your property 24/7 without compromising on image quality.

The combination of motion detection and night vision makes Ring doorbells an effective security solution for homeowners. With customizable motion zones and round-the-clock surveillance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is well-protected at all times.

Setting Up Night Vision on Ring Doorbell

Adjusting the Field of View

Ring Doorbells come equipped with night vision capabilities to ensure that you can see anyone approaching your home, even in low-light conditions. To optimize the night vision, you may need to adjust the field of view (FOV) of your Ring device.

  1. Open the Ring app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap the menu (☰) icon.
  3. Select “Devices.”
  4. Choose the device you want to adjust.
  5. Tap “Device Settings.”
  6. Select “Video Settings.”
  7. Here you can adjust the FOV to suit your needs.

The actual range of the night vision will depend on the specific Ring Doorbell model you have. Generally, Ring Doorbells have an IR range between 15 to 30 feet, giving you a clear view of your surroundings even during dark nights.

Installing a Corner Kit

If your Ring Doorbell is placed in a tight corner or if you are experiencing issues with the visibility due to obstructions from neighbouring walls or fences, you might consider installing a Ring Corner Kit. The Corner Kit is a mounting accessory designed to angle your Ring Doorbell towards the area you want to monitor most.

  1. Purchase a Ring Corner Kit compatible with your Ring Doorbell model.
  2. Carefully read and follow the installation instructions provided with the Corner Kit. Make sure to remove your Ring Doorbell from its current location.
  3. Attach the Corner Kit to your preferred mounting location.
  4. Mount your Ring Doorbell onto the Corner Kit.
  5. Once the installation is complete, the Ring Doorbell will automatically capture a more optimized field of view, providing better visibility and improving its night vision performance.

By adjusting the field of view and installing a Corner Kit, you can significantly enhance the night vision capabilities of your Ring Doorbell, ensuring that you have a clearer picture of your home’s surroundings during low light or dark conditions.

Using the Ring App for Night Vision

Live View Button

The Ring app offers a seamless way to enable or disable night vision on your Ring doorbell, allowing you to see your doorstep even in low-light conditions. To access your Ring doorbell’s night vision settings, open the Ring app and locate the Live View button on the main screen. By tapping on this button, you can view live footage from your Ring doorbell, with night vision automatically activating in low-light settings.

Control Center

For more customization, head to the Control Center within the Ring app. Here, you

Ring Protect Plan and Night Vision

Ring offers a wide range of video doorbells and cameras that are equipped with night vision features. Night vision allows users to see and capture video footage in low-light conditions, providing more security and visibility during nighttime hours. Most Ring doorbell models, including the Video Doorbell 2nd generation, Video Doorbell 3, Video Doorbell 3 Plus, Video Doorbell 4, and Video Doorbell Wired, support night vision in black and white.

The Ring Protect Plan is an optional subscription service that adds extra benefits to users who have installed Ring video doorbells, cameras, and alarms. When paired with devices that have night vision capabilities, the Ring Protect Plan enhances the functionality and usefulness of these products.

Here are some key benefits of the Ring Protect Plan for users with Ring video doorbells and cameras:

  • Saving, reviewing, and sharing videos: With a Ring Protect Plan, video recordings from Ring devices can be saved to the user’s Ring account. This allows them to review and share video footage, which is particularly helpful when monitoring nighttime activity using night vision capabilities.
  • Real-time notifications: Subscribers receive real-time notifications when motion is detected or when someone rings their doorbell. This feature becomes especially useful at night, keeping users informed of any activity captured by their device’s night vision.
  • Extended warranty: Ring Protect Plan subscribers benefit from an extended warranty on their devices, which can give them peace of mind knowing their investment in Ring video doorbells and cameras is protected.
  • Professional monitoring: Ring offers professional monitoring services for Ring Alarm subscribers with a Ring Protect Plus subscription, further enhancing security capabilities at home.

There are three Ring Protect Plans available for users:

  1. Ring Protect Basic – Covers one Ring Doorbell or Camera
  2. Ring Protect Plus – Covers all Ring devices at one location, includes professional monitoring for Ring Alarm
  3. Ring Protect Pro – Covers all Ring devices at one location, includes professional monitoring for Ring Alarm, and offers additional benefits like enhanced Wi-Fi and a lifetime product warranty

In summary, the combination of the Ring Protect Plan and night vision capabilities provides users with a comprehensive and efficient security solution.

Troubleshooting Night Vision Issues

Black Videos

If you are experiencing black videos during nighttime hours with your Ring doorbell, there are some steps you can try to fix this. First, ensure that your device is set to automatic night vision. In the Ring app, locate the video settings tab and set Night Vision to Auto. If the problem persists, try rebooting your device by pressing and holding the orange button located at the back of the doorbell for roughly 20 seconds.


In some cases, the issue might be related to your router or internet connection. For optimal performance, it’s important to have high-speed internet for your Ring doorbell. Check your Wi-Fi signal strength and ensure your router is functioning correctly to deliver a stable connection to your doorbell.

Additionally, consider the distance between your Ring doorbell and the router. If they are too far apart, the connection might weaken, resulting in problems with the doorbell’s night vision and video quality. You can consider placing a Wi-Fi extender near your Ring video doorbell, as it would help in strengthening the connection.

Weather Resistant

Ensure that your Ring doorbell is weather resistant and properly functioning in various weather conditions. Extreme temperatures and humidity may impact the doorbell’s performance and lead to night vision issues. If you suspect that the weather is causing the problem, double-check that your Ring doorbell is designed to withstand the specific weather conditions in your area.

Doorbell Wiring

Poor doorbell wiring may also cause night vision and video freezing issues. Check your doorbell system and wiring to ensure that Ring Pro Power Kit is installed correctly using Ring’s support page. The Pro Power Kit is responsible for ensuring that enough power is sent to your Ring doorbell device. Improper installation or wiring can result in reduced performance, including problems with night vision.

By following the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, most issues related to night vision on your Ring doorbell should be resolved. If the problem persists despite trying these solutions, contact Ring’s customer support for further assistance.

Other Ring Doorbell Features

Ring Doorbells offer numerous features that enhance the overall security and convenience for homeowners.

  • Two-Way Audio: The device allows for two-way communication, enabling users to speak with visitors at their doorstep. It comes with noise cancellation features, ensuring that conversations are as clear as possible.
  • Ring Protect Plan: Ring offers an optional subscription service called Ring Protect Plan, which provides additional benefits like cloud storage for video recordings, extended warranties, and access to certain advanced features like Alexa Greetings and Person and Package Alerts.
  • Ring Dashboard: The Ring Dashboard allows users to monitor and control all their Ring devices from one convenient location. It also offers customizable settings, including Home and Away modes, granting homeowners the ability to tailor their security system to their specific needs.
  • Whole-Home Security: Ring Doorbell can integrate with other Ring security devices, such as smart door locks and security cameras, to provide comprehensive whole-home security.
  • Tech Specs: Ring Doorbells support dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, ensuring a reliable and seamless connection to your home network.
  • Customizable Privacy Settings: Users can adjust their privacy settings to limit motion alerts, customize safety alert management, and even create privacy zones to exclude certain areas from the camera’s view.

With additional features like motion alerts, improved energy efficiency, and compatibility with devices such as Alexa, Ring Doorbell provides a versatile and adaptable security solution for homeowners looking to enhance the safety and convenience of their home.