How Long Does Wyze Store Videos?

Wyze cameras have become a popular choice for people looking for affordable and user-friendly home security solutions. One of the key factors to consider when choosing a security camera is how long the camera stores recorded videos. Wyze offers both cloud-based and local storage options, providing users with flexibility and control over their video storage.

Wyze cameras can record video clips for varying durations, ranging from a few hours to weeks, depending on the settings and subscription options. The standard cloud recording feature allows for videos to be stored on the cloud for up to 14 days. However, users can opt for a Cam Plus subscription to extend the length of cloud recordings, or utilize a microSD card for local storage.

Quick Takeaways

  • Wyze cameras offer flexible video storage options, including cloud-based and local storage.
  • Video recording duration depends on settings and subscription options, with cloud recordings available for up to 14 days as standard.
  • Cam Plus subscription allows for extended cloud recording lengths and additional features, while microSD cards can be used for local storage.

Wyze Video Storage Overview

Wyze Cam Models

Wyze offers various camera models, including the Wyze Cam, Wyze Cam Outdoor, and Wyze Cam v3. Each model has different features and capabilities, but they all work with cloud and local storage to save recorded videos.

Cloud Storage

Wyze cameras come with free cloud storage, where videos are stored for up to 14 days. The cloud storage system records 12-second event videos, and there is a 5-minute “cooldown” period between the same type of event videos generated and stored on the cloud. This means that when there is continuous motion, the camera will only capture one 12-second event video every five minutes.

Local Storage

In addition to cloud storage, Wyze cameras also support local storage using microSD cards. To save videos locally, you will need to:

  1. Get a microSD card (Wyze offers a 32GB microSD card for sale, or you can use any Class 10 card in FAT32 and exFAT formats)
  2. Insert the microSD card into your Wyze Cam (the slot location varies depending on your Wyze Cam model)
  3. Format the microSD card

Recording locally allows for continuous recording, bypassing the “cooldown” period experienced with cloud storage.

  • For Wyze Cam v3, it supports microSD card sizes of 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB in FAT32 format.
  • Video quality for local storage recordings can vary, with SD (Standard Definition) video using 1-2MB per minute, or HD (High Definition) video using 4-7MB per minute. Note that SD/HD refers to compression ratio, not video resolution, as all Wyze cameras record in 1080p.

Ultimately, Wyze cameras offer flexible video storage options with both cloud and local storage, providing users the ability to choose the best method based on their preferences and capacity needs.

Recording Features and Settings

Event Recording

Wyze Cam offers customizable Event Recording settings which allow users to choose when their cameras record based on detected motion and/or sound events. Using the Wyze App, you can navigate to a Wyze Cam’s settings and turn on/off Detects motion and Detects sound as per your preference.


For playback capabilities, inserting a microSD card into your Wyze Cam will enable the recording of continuous footage and directly store events locally. You can also record Time Lapse videos with a microSD card. A good option to consider is Wyze’s own 32GB MicroSDHC card available in the Wyze Shop.

When using a microSD card with the Record events only feature turned on, it allows the camera to save any motion detection footage that might not be captured by the cloud video. This means that you will have access to longer videos in addition to the standard cloud recordings.


The Wyze App allows users to access a livestream view of their cameras, providing real-time monitoring with ease. Users are able to edit settings and view events through the events tab within the app.

Regarding cloud storage, Wyze Cam records up to 14 days of event-based footage using the free cloud recording service. However, if you want to upgrade for longer videos on the cloud, Cam Plus is available as a subscription option that records videos based on the motion length.

Event Videos and Motion Detection

Recording Cooldown

Wyze cameras are designed to capture event videos when they detect motion. However, there is a 5-minute “cooldown” period between the same type of event videos stored on the cloud. This means that when there is continuous motion, a camera will only record one 12-second event video every five minutes. This cooldown period helps prevent overloading of the cloud storage with too many similar event videos. Note that when using Cam Plus, the duration of event videos equals the duration of motion detected – which means, if motion is detected for 6 minutes, the event video will be 6 minutes long.


Wyze cameras offer high-quality video resolutions that make it easier to see what’s happening when motion is detected. Wyze Cam v3, for example, can record nonstop motion, but only with the optional Cam Plus service. Without that service, there will be a standard 5-minute cooldown period between similar event videos stored in the cloud. This resolution enables you to clearly view the events as they occur, ensuring you can identify any potential issues or security concerns.

To efficiently manage your Wyze cameras and event recordings, be aware of the cooldown period and the importance of video resolution in motion detection. Utilizing these features ensures that you have access to clear event videos that help you monitor and secure your surroundings effectively.

Cam Plus Subscription and Benefits

The Cam Plus subscription offers additional features for Wyze Cam users, enhancing their experience with the device. The main advantage of this service is the full-length motion detection video recording with person detection. The benefits extend to receiving real-time alerts when people are detected and being able to filter video clips that contain people.

Users can choose between various Cam Plus subscription plans. The Monthly Single Camera Annual Plan costs $1.67 per month, which is billed annually at $19.99, saving 44% over the monthly plan. On the other hand, there’s the Unlimited Cameras Annual Plan at $8.25 per month, billed annually at $99, which saves 17% over the monthly plan.

Another option is the Cam Plus Unlimited plan, which offers 99 licenses for $9.99 per month or $99 per year. Subscribers of Cam Plus also enjoy a discount on Wyze products and have access to 2 weeks of full event recordings stored in the cloud, with no cooldown period.

Account and Services

Base Station

When using a Wyze camera, there are different account and service options available depending on your specific needs and preferences. It’s important to understand these options in order to make the most of your Wyze product. Let’s explore how Wyze stores videos, particularly with regards to the Base Station.

Wyze offers both cloud and on-device storage for recorded videos. By creating a Wyze account, you can take advantage of the basic cloud storage solution which allows you to store 12-second event videos with a retention period of 14 days. However, if you’re interested in a more comprehensive solution, you may want to consider one of Wyze’s subscription plans, such as Cam Plus.

Cam Plus is a subscription service that offers additional features and extended video storage for Wyze cameras. With a Cam Plus subscription, the duration of event videos depends on the duration of the motion detected. For instance, if motion is detected for 6 minutes, the event video will be 6 minutes long.

Alternatively, for on-device storage, Wyze cameras are designed to support microSD cards. With a compatible microSD card inserted into the camera, video recordings can be saved locally, allowing you to access them directly from the camera without the need for a cloud storage subscription. The duration of stored recordings on the microSD card will depend on the card’s capacity and your chosen recording settings (continuous or event recording).

In sum, having a Wyze account allows you to access basic cloud storage and manage your devices within the Wyze app. If you’re interested in more advanced features and flexible video storage options, subscribing to a service like Cam Plus is worth considering. With that said, a microSD card can provide on-device storage for those who prefer not to rely on cloud-based services.

Security and Video Management

Wyze Cameras provide a balance of security and ease in managing video recordings. The primary focus of these cameras is to record events only, which means they are designed to capture video when triggered by motion or sound detection. This efficient method helps users to have relevant footage without scrolling through hours of unnecessary video.

Event videos are stored in the cloud and can be accessed for up to 14 days without a subscription. This provides users with a secure way to access important recordings even if the camera itself is lost or stolen. It is worth noting that there’s a 5-minute “cooldown” period between the same type of events stored on the cloud. This means that when there is continuous motion, the camera will only capture one 12-second event video every five minutes. However, there is no “cooldown” period between different types of event recordings.

For users looking for more control over their video storage, Wyze also allows local storage through microSD cards. This option gives you the choice to record continuously or only save event videos. To enable local recording, simply tap your camera’s live stream settings and toggle on ‘Record to MicroSD Card.’

In summary, Wyze Cameras ensure a secure and straightforward video management experience. Users can opt for cloud storage, local storage via microSD cards, or both to suit their specific needs. With concise event-based recording and multiple storage options, Wyze Cameras offer a convenient solution for keeping an eye on what matters most.

Local Recording Options

Continuous Recording

With a Wyze camera, you can enable continuous recording by using a compatible microSD card. This allows for the storage of footage locally on the card, providing constant, non-stop video recording. Simply insert the microSD card into your Wyze Cam, and the camera will record continuously, overwriting the oldest footage as the card reaches its capacity. Note that any microSD card can work, but a recommended option is the Wyze 32GB MicroSDHC card available in the Wyze Shop. Continuous recording lets you view playback directly from the microSD card, giving you more control over your stored footage.

Events Only Recording

In addition to continuous recording, Wyze offers events only recording as another local storage option. This recording method focuses on capturing motion-triggered events rather than providing constant video. By selecting this option, your Wyze Cam will only record clips when it detects motion or sounds, depending on your settings. This allows for a more efficient use of storage space and lets you focus only on events that matter.

Both continuous and events-only recording options give users flexibility and control over their local video storage. Whether you want to record every moment or only when something moves, Wyze Cams have the local recording capabilities to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are event recordings stored?

Event recordings on Wyze cameras are stored for 14 days. After this period, the clips become inaccessible.

What is the video retention period for Wyze cameras?

The video retention period for Wyze cameras is 14 days for cloud storage. During this time, you can access the recorded events before they are automatically deleted.

Can I extend the storage duration of Wyze videos?

No, you cannot extend the storage duration of Wyze videos beyond the 14-day period for cloud storage. However, you can utilize local storage options to save videos to an SD card, which offers more flexible storage duration.

Do Wyze cameras support SD cards for local storage?

Yes, Wyze cameras support SD cards for local storage. This allows you to store more video footage and have greater control over the storage duration. The amount of storage available depends on the SD card’s capacity and the camera’s video quality settings.

How does the Wyze Cam Plus Unlimited plan work?

The Wyze Cam Plus Unlimited plan offers additional features and benefits for users, such as full-length motion recordings, faster video processing, and no cooldown time between events. However, it does not extend the storage duration of videos beyond the 14-day period for cloud storage.

Is video deletion automatic in Wyze cameras?

Yes, video deletion is automatic in Wyze cameras. After the 14-day retention period, the recorded event videos are automatically deleted from the cloud storage. For locally stored footage on an SD card, you need to manually delete videos or set the camera to overwrite old videos when the card is full.