How To Get A Ring Alarm Certificate

As a homeowner using Ring security systems, you might be interested in obtaining a Ring Alarm Certificate. This certificate proves that your home is professionally monitored and can potentially help you qualify for discounts on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

To obtain your Ring Alarm Certificate, you first need to subscribe to a professional monitoring plan via the Ring app or website. Once you’ve successfully subscribed, the process of requesting your certificate is a straightforward one, involving just a few steps in the Ring app or website.

Many insurance providers recognize the value and security offered by professionally monitored home security systems, and this certificate is a great way to provide evidence of those features.

Ring Alarm Overview

The Ring Alarm System is a home security solution that keeps you informed about any suspicious activity in and around your property. In this section, we’ll discuss the Ring Alarm System and how to navigate the website.

Ring Alarm System

Ring Alarm offers a variety of customizable security kits to suit your needs. These kits come with essential components like the base station, keypad, motion detectors, contact sensors, and range extenders.

By installing this system, you can remotely monitor your home through the Ring mobile app, receiving alerts and notifications when suspicious activity is detected.

Two significant benefits of using the Ring Alarm System are its compatibility with other smart home systems and professional monitoring options.

If you subscribe to the Ring Protect Plan, a professional monitoring team will be available to assist you 24/7, dispatching emergency services when necessary.

This added layer of security can provide you with peace of mind and may even qualify you for a discount on your home insurance premium by obtaining a Ring Alarm certificate.

Head over to to access your account, manage your devices, and request a monitoring certificate. Follow these steps to obtain your Ring Alarm certificate:

  1. Visit and log in to your account.
  2. Click Settings on the menu.
  3. Select Monitoring from the menu.
  4. Click Insurance Certificate.
  5. Choose between Email or Print Certificate.

Submit the certificate to your insurance company to see if you qualify for a discount on your home insurance premium.

Ring Alarm Certificate and Insurance Discounts

A Ring Alarm Certificate is a valuable document for homeowners who have installed a Ring security system on their property.


When you invest in a Ring Alarm system, you’re taking a proactive step to protect your home from potential threats. With a professionally monitored system, you can feel confident knowing that your property is being watched 24/7. Some benefits of having a Ring Alarm Certificate include:

  • Proof of a security system installation: The certificate acts as evidence that your property is equipped with a Ring Alarm system.
  • Increased peace of mind: Knowing your home is protected and monitored can give you peace of mind.
  • Easier insurance claims: In the event of a break-in or theft, a Ring Alarm Certificate can streamline the claims process with your insurance provider.

Policy Discounts

Many insurance providers offer discounts to homeowners who have installed security systems on their properties. A Ring Alarm Certificate can help you qualify for these discounts, potentially leading to significant savings on your insurance premiums. To obtain an insurance discount, follow these steps:

  1. Access your Ring Alarm Certificate through the Ring app or website.
  2. Submit the certificate to your insurance provider as proof of professional monitoring and system installation.
  3. Ask your insurance provider about any available discounts related to home security systems.

Insurance discounts vary by provider, but can substantially reduce your monthly or annual premiums. By installing a Ring Alarm system and obtaining a Ring Alarm Certificate, you’re taking an essential step towards protecting your property and potentially saving money on your home insurance.

Ring Alarm Monitoring Services

Ring offers a range of monitoring services in their Ring Protect plans to keep your home safe and well-guarded. In this section, we will discuss the two main features: Professional Monitoring and Fire Monitoring.

Professional Monitoring

When you subscribe to a Ring Protect Plus or Ring Protect Pro plan, you gain access to 24/7 Professional Monitoring. This service ensures that a team of trained agents is always on standby, ready to respond to any alarm signals from your Ring Alarm system.

Upon receiving an alarm signal, these agents will attempt to contact you and your emergency contacts to verify the situation. If they confirm an emergency or cannot reach you, they will request emergency dispatch to your location.

Professional monitoring provides peace of mind knowing that your home is being monitored at all times, even when you’re not around to keep an eye on things yourself.

Fire Monitoring

Fire monitoring is another crucial aspect of the Ring Alarm monitoring services. If you have a Ring Smoke & CO Listener or a First Alert Z-Wave Smoke/CO Alarm connected to your Ring Alarm system, it can be monitored for smoke and carbon monoxide detection.

With this service, your Ring Alarm system will listen for the sound of your existing smoke and CO detectors. When a detector is triggered, it will send a signal to the Ring Alarm system, and you will receive a notification on your smart device.

If you’re subscribed to a Ring Protect plan with professional monitoring, the monitoring center will also be alerted, and they will attempt to reach you and your emergency contacts. If an emergency is confirmed or no contact can be made, the monitoring center will request emergency dispatch for assistance.

Accessing Your Ring Alarm Certificate

Obtaining your Ring Alarm certificate is essential for benefiting from insurance discounts. You can access your certificate through three primary methods: the Ring app, Ring support, and the website.

Ring App

Using the Ring app, accessing your insurance certificate is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Ring app on your smart device.
  2. Tap on the Menu (three lines on the top left corner).
  3. Select Settings from the options.
  4. Click on the Monitoring tab.
  5. Choose Insurance Certificate.
  6. Hit the ‘Send Certificate’ button.

After completing these steps, you will receive the insurance certificate via email, which you can download and present to your insurance provider.

Ring Support

If you encounter any issues or need assistance in retrieving your Ring Alarm certificate, you can always contact Ring Support. Their customer service representatives are knowledgeable and can guide you through the required steps or provide alternative solutions.

Another way to access your Ring Alarm certificate is through the website. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit and log in to your account.
  2. Click on the three lines in the left corner to open the menu.
  3. Select Location Settings.
  4. Click on the Monitoring tab.
  5. Finally, click on ‘Certificate’ to access your insurance certificate.

Once you’ve accessed the certificate, you can download it and provide it to your insurance provider for potential discounts on your policy.

Ring Protect Plans and Features

In this section, we will discuss the Ring Protect Pro plan and the partnership with insurance companies. These aspects of Ring’s security and alarm system are essential in understanding the benefits it provides to you and your home.

Ring Protect Pro

The Ring Protect Pro plan is a comprehensive subscription plan that offers exclusive features for Ring devices like video doorbells, security cameras, and alarm systems. With Ring Protect Pro, you gain access to professional monitoring services starting at $20 per month. This plan ensures that your home is safeguarded 24/7 by a team of experts who will promptly respond in case of any security incidents.

Aside from professional monitoring, the Ring Protect Pro plan also features video recording and storage, allowing you to review and share video clips captured by your Ring devices. This plan even includes an extended warranty for all your Ring devices, ensuring that they remain in optimal working condition.

Insurance Company Partnership

One significant advantage of having a Ring alarm system is the potential to receive a discount on your homeowners insurance policy.

Many insurance companies recognize the value of a professionally monitored security system and may offer policy discounts when you present a Ring Alarm certificate.

To obtain your Ring Alarm certificate, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the Ring app and tap on the menu.
  2. Select “Settings” followed by “Monitoring”.
  3. Tap on “Insurance Certificate”.
  4. Choose “Send Certificate” and you will receive the certificate via email.

With your insurance certificate in hand, contact your insurance provider to inquire about your eligibility for a policy discount. By partnering with insurance companies, Ring aims to provide you with comprehensive home security while also helping you save on your insurance premiums.

Ring Website and Account Management

The Ring website offers easy access to manage your account and obtain your Ring alarm certificate.

Ring Website

Visit and log in with your account credentials. Once logged in, you can access various settings related to your Ring devices and services, including obtaining the Ring alarm certificate for your insurance provider.


Upon logging in, you will notice a menu with three lines in the left corner. Tap on it and select “Location Settings.” In this section, you will find important information about your Ring devices and their assigned locations. To obtain your Ring alarm certificate:

  1. Click on “Location Settings.”
  2. Select “Monitoring.”
  3. Click on “Certificate.”

Once completed, your certificate will be sent to your email. Download and present the certificate to your insurance provider to potentially qualify for policy discounts.