Lockly Fingerprint Not Working: How to fix!

While fingerprint recognition technology is super convenient until it stops working. Read on and we’ll cover the common causes and how to get it working again.

A frustrated user attempts to unlock the Lockly device with their fingerprint, but it fails to work

Troubleshooting Lockly Fingerprint Issues

When Lockly’s fingerprint scanner malfunctions, a systematic approach to troubleshooting can resolve issues more efficiently. This section will guide you through various troubleshooting steps to diagnose and fix possible issues with the Lockly fingerprint sensor.

Checking Battery and Power Issues

Firstly, check if the batteries are functioning correctly. Lockly smart locks typically use AA batteries. A low battery can cause intermittent operation of the fingerprint sensor. If the batteries are low, replace them with fresh ones. For those who use a power adapter, ensure that it is correctly plugged in and the power source is consistent.

Ensuring Proper Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint recognition relies on clean contact between the finger and the scanner. It is essential to clean the fingerprint scanner regularly to remove dirt or residue gently. Ensure that the registered fingerprint is positioned accurately on the scanner, on the exterior side of the lock. In some instances, reregistering the fingerprint may enhance sensor recognition.

Reset and Restart Procedures

Sometimes, a simple restart can fix minor glitches. To reboot the lock, use a paperclip to press the program button found between the two terminals on the bottom front side of the lock; hold for 5 seconds. A reset should be the last resort, as it will delete all stored information. To reset the lock, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

App and Firmware Updates

Using the Lockly app can provide fixes with a firmware update. Keeping the lock’s firmware up-to-date is crucial for optimal performance. Use a reliable Wi-Fi connection to sync the lock with the mobile app. To update, go to the Lockly app settings and select Firmware Update; keep your phone within 3 feet of the lock during this process.

Physical and Hardware Inspection

Examine the physical connections of your Lockly lock. Check the cable connector for any bent pins—these must be straightened for functionality. Additionally, inspect the keypad or deadbolt for any obstructions. If you have the Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub, check that it’s linked to the router and online, as connectivity issues can affect the lock’s performance.

Programming and Smart Features

The programming and smart features of the Lockly smart lock enhance security and provide users with convenient access management options. This technology offers a seamless integration with smart home systems, ensuring users can manage access codes and fingerprints, utilize connectivity for monitoring and control, and adjust advanced lock settings via the Lockly app.

Managing Access Codes and Fingerprints

The Lockly app enables users to register fingerprints and create access codes, offering a secure way to extend entry privileges. Each registered fingerprint is stored for easy access, and the app can generate different types of codes:

  • Permanent Access Codes: For family and frequent visitors.
  • Offline Access Codes: Created without Wi-Fi and valid for a set duration.
  • Guest Codes: Temporary entry for guests.
  • One-Time Access Code: For single-use access, enhancing privacy and control.

The initial code setup is critical, and users should follow the provided instructions closely to ensure proper system programming.

Utilizing Connectivity and Integration

Lockly smart locks work in conjunction with prominent smart systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, providing users with voice control capabilities. The key features include:

  • Wi-Fi Integration: Enabling remote access and command execution.
  • Lockly™ App Notifications: Real-time updates on lock status sent directly to a smartphone, compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Smart Home Compatibility: Integration with systems for streamlined home automation.

Advanced Lock Settings

The advanced settings of a Lockly smart lock provide users with customizable security features. Key functionalities include:

  • Auto-Lock & Auto Unlock: Automatically secures the door following a set period or unlocks when the owner is nearby.
  • Safe Mode: Increases security, limiting access to registered fingerprints and the physical key.
  • Physical Key Overrides: In case of electronic failure, a key can be used to bypass the smart lock features.
  • Firmware Updates: Essential for maintaining functionality and security; updates can be done through the mobile app.

Users can manage these functions through the Lockly app, ensuring that the Lockly smart lock’s programming tailors to their specific needs and preferences.

Lockly fingerprint scanner flashing red, user tries different fingers, then scans keycard

Frequently Asked Questions

A Lockly fingerprint scanner with a red error light, a puzzled user, and a smartphone displaying the "Frequently Asked Questions" page

These subsections address common inquiries about issues with the Lockly fingerprint scanner, guiding users through troubleshooting, initial setup, and how to obtain further assistance.

How do I troubleshoot a non-responsive finger scanner on my Lockly device?

To troubleshoot a non-responsive fingerprint scanner, users should first ensure the cable connector inside the lock is properly connected without any bent pins. Updating the firmware via the Lockly app is also a recommended step.

What steps should I take to set up the fingerprint recognition feature on a Lockly lock?

Setting up the fingerprint recognition on a Lockly lock involves going to the Lockly app, selecting the lock, and following the instructions for “Adding a Fingerprint” to ensure proper registration and acknowledgment.

What could be the reason my Lockly smart lock fails to recognize my fingerprints?

Failure to recognize fingerprints could be due to improper finger placement, wear and tear on the scanner, or unclean scanner surface. Make sure the finger is placed properly, and the scanner is clean.

Is there a way to fix a jammed Lockly smart lock that prevents fingerprint access?

In the case of a jammed Lockly smart lock, checking the physical mechanisms for any obstructions or misalignments is advisable. If a simple physical inspection doesn’t resolve the issue, consult the user manual or reach out to support.

How can I contact customer support for issues with fingerprint recognition on my Lockly lock?

Lockly customer support can be contacted for fingerprint recognition issues through the support section on their website, where users can fill out a contact form or find a customer service phone number.

What should I do if my Lockly lock doesn’t display numbers or respond to fingerprint input?

If the Lockly lock is unresponsive, users should try replacing the batteries with a fresh set of AA batteries and ensure the lock is not in sleep mode. If the issue persists, contacting customer support is the next step.