Lockly Not Showing Numbers: How to Fix!

Is your Lockly keypad not display numbers? To address the issue of a Lockly keypad failing to display numbers, there are several potential troubleshooting steps to consider. Factors like battery life, LCD condition, sun exposure, or system glitches can affect the visibility of the keypad’s numbers. Keep reading to learn how to fix this problem.

A digital lock with blank display

Resolving Display Issues

When a Lockly® lock display isn’t showing numbers, it typically indicates a screen malfunction. Addressing this effectively ensures that access codes can be entered smoothly for secure entry.

Identifying Screen Problems

Screen Malfunction Symptoms:

  • Display screen does not show numbers or anything at all.
  • Dim or flickering numbers on the display.

One can initially establish that a problem exists by ensuring the screen should be active and remains unresponsive or incorrect in display. Such issues may be related to dead batteries, incorrect Lockly® settings, or a temporary system malfunction.

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting

  1. Check the Batteries

    • Replace if necessary with fresh ones and ensure they are installed correctly.
  2. Restart the Lock

    • Often, a simple restart can resolve display issues. Remove one battery, wait for a few seconds, then reinsert it to restart the lock.
  3. Toggle Safe Mode

    • Incorrect access codes entered multiple times can trigger Safe Mode, leading to a temporary lock down of the screen. Wait for the designated time, then try the correct code.
  4. Secure/Do Not Disturb Mode

    • If only the “OK” button is visible, the lock might be in Secure or Do Not Disturb mode. Deactivate this mode using the program button at the back or side of the unit.
  5. Factory Reset

    • If none of the above steps work, consult the Lockly® manual to perform a factory reset, but only as a last resort as this will erase all stored data.

Understanding the Lockly Smart Lock System

A Lockly Smart Lock with no numbers displayed, indicating possible malfunction or system error

Lockly smart locks represent a blend of security and convenience with various components and features designed for enhanced access control. This section delves into the intricacies of the Lockly system and how users can maximize its capabilities.

Components and Installation

The Lockly smart lock system includes the lock itself, which can be either a deadbolt or latch version, as well as installation equipment such as a torque blade and thumb-turn.

Installation requires replacing the existing lock with the Lockly device, ensuring it connects to the door correctly. The process is designed for DIY enthusiasts, but professional help might be preferred for a seamless setup.

Operation and Access Modes

Operation is primarily through a touchscreen that provides access via a PIN code. This PIN code can be input in different modes like random mode, which rearranges numbers to prevent code detection, and safe mode for offline access. Users can also use traditional keys or the mobile app for locking and unlocking. The PIN Genie technology ensures key numbers shuffle on the touchscreen, enhancing security.

Connectivity Features

Lockly smart locks offer Bluetooth connectivity within a typical range. This allows for operation via the Lockly app on a smartphone, enabling remote control as long as the user is within Bluetooth range. It also supports the creation of offline access codes for guests, useful when the app cannot be used.

Customer Support and Troubleshooting

In case of technical difficulties, the Lockly customer solutions team can be reached day and night via calling or email. Common troubleshooting issues include a blank touchscreen display or non-responsive keypad, which could indicate sun exposure effects or require a reset. Customer service personnel are trained to assist customers through these challenges efficiently.

Advanced Settings and Features

Lockly provides advanced settings such as do not disturb mode, which limits the lock’s operations during set hours, and auto unlock which detects a user’s approach via the app. It can store multiple fingerprints for different user access, providing flexibility and security. Furthermore, it supports programming of temporary administrative users, making it ideal for managing access for short-term guests or service personnel.

Maintenance and Care

Routine Checks:

  • Ensure batteries are checked regularly and replaced before becoming totally drained.
  • Keep the display screen clean and free of debris.

Regular maintenance, including battery checks and cleanings, prevents many screen problems from emerging. Also, users should be cautious when entering access codes to avoid activating security protocols inadvertently. If the display issues persist, reaching out to Lockly® customer support for further assistance is recommended.

Enhancing Security and Convenience

A Lockly smart lock with no visible numbers, emitting a blue light, and a fingerprint scanner for enhanced security and convenience

Lockly smart locks offer a balance of robust security features and user-centric convenience, utilizing advanced technology to streamline access while protecting entry points.

Customizing Access and Controls

Smart lock owners can manage access parameters via the smartphone app. It offers customization where users can share initial codes with guests and change them as needed for added security.

The app equally enables toggling settings, such as do not disturb mode, which prevents the lock from being opened from the outside, even with the correct code.

Security Features for Added Protection

Lockly smart locks are equipped with the PIN Genie® technology, which ensures the numbers displayed for code entry are shuffled, mitigating the risk of onlookers guessing the code.

For increased protection, if the incorrect code is entered three times consecutively, Safe Mode is activated. Users can disable safe mode by pressing the enter button and following instructions or through the app.

FeatureDescriptionHow to Use
PIN Genie®Shuffles numbers on the display to prevent code detection.Touched anytime to wake up the display
Safe ModeLocks the unit if multiple wrong attempts are made.Enter correct code or use app to disable

Tips for Optimal Lock Performance

To maintain both security and functionality of the smart lock, users should periodically check and update firmware through the app. A persistent issue with the display may signify a need for technical support or hardware replacement. Before troubleshooting, users should:

  1. Ensure the toggle switch on the device’s back is on.
  2. Check for any physical obstructions or direct sunlight that may affect the display’s visibility.
  3. Confirm that the batteries powering the unit are not depleted.
  4. Restart both the smart lock and the smartphone app if connectivity issues arise.

Utilizing Lockly for Daily Access Management

A Lockly smart lock with a blank digital display, indicating a malfunction in daily access management

Lockly smart locks enhance daily access management through customizable user codes, remote functionalities, and intelligent features adaptable to different times of the day. They offer a secure platform for both individuals and guests to access properties while maintaining control over entry permissions.

Managing Codes and E-Keys

The Lockly app enables users to create and manage multiple access codes and e-keys for different individuals. Each key can be set as a one-time code or for recurring use, perfect for regular visitors or service workers. Users can:

  • Generate unique access codes: These can be shared with guests or members of the household.
  • Assign e-keys via the Lockly app enabling users to unlock the door with their smartphone.
  • Set up offline access codes for guests to gain entry without requiring a smartphone.

Remote Access and Guest Options

Lockly supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to unlock their doors remotely through their mobile app. Key features include:

  • Enabling remote access to unlock or lock the door from virtually anywhere, provided the smartphone and the smart lock are connected via Bluetooth.
  • The ability to issue temporary e-keys or codes to guests, which are excellent for short-term access without the need for physical keys.

Handling Lockly Features at Different Times

Using the Lockly smart lock’s features to adapt to different times of day and night ensures enhanced security and convenience. Users can:

  • Activate Do Not Disturb mode, which disables the keypad to prevent unauthorized access during specific hours.
  • Schedule the lock to automatically engage at night, adding an extra layer of security when residents are asleep.
  • Ensure that during the day, the lock operates normally, granting access to those with the right credentials, while it seamlessly switches to reinforced security protocols after dusk.

Frequently Asked Questions

A digital lock screen with the words "Frequently Asked Questions Lockly not showing numbers" displayed prominently

Lockly smart locks are designed to provide secure, keyless entry, but users may sometimes face issues with the display or functionality. The following frequently asked questions address common problems and their troubleshooting steps.

What steps should I take if the screen on my Lockly smart lock is black or unresponsive?

If the screen on a Lockly smart lock is not displaying numbers or appears blank, one should check the battery level and replace the batteries if necessary. Additionally, toggling the display switch on the lock’s interior side may resolve the issue.

How can I troubleshoot my Lockly smart lock when it’s not functioning properly?

Troubleshooting a malfunctioning Lockly lock involves ensuring a firm Bluetooth connection, checking power sources, and verifying that the lock settings are correctly configured. Updating the lock’s firmware might also be necessary.

What should I do if I’m locked out of my Lockly device and the number pad is not showing digits?

If locked out with an unresponsive number pad, one can use the physical key to gain entry. Pressing the internal program button after opening the door may reactivate the number pad. Consulting the app for unlocking is another option.

How can I reset my Lockly door if the lock seems unresponsive?

Resetting the Lockly device to factory settings can help when it is unresponsive. This step should be performed after other troubleshooting methods have failed, as it will erase all stored data.

Why isn’t the fingerprint sensor on my Lockly lock recognizing my prints?

A Lockly lock may not recognize fingerprints due to dirty sensors, wet or oily fingers, or an issue with the user’s fingerprint profile. Cleaning the sensor and ensuring fingers are dry before attempting access is recommended.

Are there any special modes or settings to prevent issues with Lockly locks during extreme weather conditions?

Lockly locks may feature modes to safeguard operation during extreme conditions such as intense sunlight or low temperatures. A sun visor accessory may help with sun exposure, and checking for specific weather-related settings in the lock’s manual is advisable.