Nest Camera Not Recording Events? How to Fix!

Is your Nest camera not recording events? We’ll cover some of the causes and solutions to this problem.

Common Causes of Nest Camera Not Recording Events

Power Source Issues

One common reason for a Nest camera not recording events is power source issues. Make sure to:

  • Check the power cables for any damage.
  • Ensure the Nest Cam is securely connected to its power source.

If you’re using a battery-powered Nest camera, it will only record event-based video history, and to get 24/7 video history, you’d need to plug it in.

Internet Connection Problems

Internet connection problems can also cause Nest cameras to stop recording events:

  • Verify that your router and network are functioning properly.
  • Adjust the video quality setting in the Nest app or Google Home app, if necessary, to accommodate lower bandwidth.

Bugs and Firmware Issues

Software-related issues could be behind a Nest camera not recording:

  • Ensure your Nest camera is running the latest firmware.
  • Power cycle the Nest Cam to resolve temporary bugs.
  • Reconfigure notification access in the Nest app.

Subscription Plan Expiration

Lastly, your Nest camera may not be recording events because your Nest Aware subscription has expired or it doesn’t cover video history:

  • Check your subscription status and renew it if necessary.
  • Double-check if your subscription plan covers event recording or continuous video history. Nest Aware Plus subscribers can access full video history.

By addressing these issues, you should be able to resolve most cases where Nest cameras are not recording events as expected.

Troubleshooting and Fixes

Checking Power Source

  • Examine power cables for damage or disconnections
  • Power cycle the Nest Cam by unplugging it for 10 seconds and plugging it back in
  • For battery-powered Nest Cams, ensure sufficient battery life
  • Note that Nest Cam Outdoor should be installed indoors if exposed to direct sunlight

Stable Internet Connection

  • Ensure your Wi-Fi router is functioning correctly and providing a stable connection
  • Place Google Nest Camera closer to the router if you’re experiencing connection issues
  • Verify there’s no interference from other electronic devices
  • Perform a speed test to confirm adequate connection speed for your Nest Cam

Resetting and Factory Reset

  • Perform a power cycle (unplug and plug back in) to address minor glitches
  • Reconfigure notification access/alert settings in the Nest App
  • Resort to a factory reset as a last recourse (keep in mind this erases all data and settings)

Subscription and Nest Aware Issues

  • Verify your subscription plan includes event video history
  • Nest Aware subscription required for 24/7 video history and alert notifications
  • Nest Aware Plus offers 60 days of event video history
  • Remember that the Nest Cam (battery) must be connected to a power source for 24/7 video history

Event Video, Location, and Activity Zones

  • Check the timeline for any gaps or inconsistencies in event video history
  • Disable activity zones if no events are being recorded
  • Nest Doorbell events may be affected by its location; consider adjustment for optimal performance
  • Check settings for any software updates addressing potential bugs

Preventive Measures and Best Practices

Proper Camera Placement

To ensure your Nest camera records events accurately, it’s crucial to place it in an appropriate location. Avoid obstructing the camera’s view with physical objects or placing it too high or low. Keep it away from direct sunlight, heat sources, thermostats, and doorbells to prevent exposure to extreme temperatures and interference with other devices.

Regular Software Updates

It’s important to keep your Nest camera updated with the latest software to ensure optimal performance. Google frequently releases new updates to fix bugs and improve functionality. To prevent issues like missing events or poor video quality, make sure your camera is set to automatically update its software, or check for updates manually through the Google Home app.

Strong Internet Connection

A stable and strong internet connection is essential for your Nest camera to function properly. Network issues can cause problems like missing recordings, live view freezing, or offline errors. To avoid these issues, ensure your camera is close to your Wi-Fi router and has a strong signal. Perform a network check on your Wi-Fi connection and consider upgrading to a higher-speed plan if necessary.

  • Check your Wi-Fi signal strength
  • Test your Wi-Fi speed
  • Consider using Wi-Fi extenders if needed

Monitoring Subscription Status

Some Nest cameras, like the Nest Cam Battery, offer 24-hour recording with a subscription to Google’s Nest Aware service. Make sure to regularly monitor and maintain your subscription status to ensure continuous recording. Check your subscription details in the Google Home app and set it to auto-renew if needed.

Following these preventive measures and best practices will help ensure your Nest camera functions as intended and captures events consistently. Remember to perform regular troubleshooting steps and resets when necessary, and make use of resources like piunikaweb and other investigative tech journalism outlets to stay informed about potential issues and solutions.