Ring Alarm Stuck on Cellular Backup

When using a Ring Alarm system, it’s not uncommon for the base station to occasionally get stuck on cellular backup mode. This can be a cause for concern, as the system relies on a stable internet connection to provide the optimal level of protection for your home.

The Ring Alarm base station includes a 24-hour backup battery that automatically switches to a cellular connection when your Wi-Fi network is down or experiencing connectivity issues. While this feature ensures continuous monitoring during power outages or router malfunctions, the system may sometimes get stuck in this mode even after the primary internet connection is restored.

We’ll cover several troubleshooting steps that you can follow to get your Ring Alarm functioning correctly again.

Ring Alarm Stuck on Cellular Backup: An Overview

Cellular backup is a crucial feature in ensuring your Ring Alarm system functions effectively even when your internet connection is down.

Understanding the role cellular backup plays and how the Ring Alarm Base Station operates can aid you in addressing issues such as your Ring Alarm becoming stuck on cellular backup.

Cellular Backup Function

ring alarm cellular backup 1 1
- ring alarm cellular backup 1

When your Ring Alarm’s internet connection is compromised, it automatically switches to cellular backup to maintain its functionality.

This allows you to continue arming and disarming your alarm system even when the Wi-Fi connection is lost.

However, during cellular backup mode, some app functionalities may be limited.

Ring Alarm and Base Station

Your Ring Alarm system’s Base Station plays a significant role in facilitating seamless connectivity.

When issues like getting stuck on cellular backup arise, follow these steps to troubleshoot:

Ensure your power is back on and the Base Station is reconnected to a working AC power source.
Confirm the stability of your internet connection, and if necessary, reboot your modem or router.
Change the connection type in the Ring app by selecting Alarm, then Base Station, followed by Settings and Network Settings. Finally, choose Change Connection, and switch between Ethernet and Wi-Fi as needed.

By understanding the importance of cellular backup and the role of your Base Station in the Ring Alarm system, you’ll be better equipped to address connectivity issues and keep your alarm functioning optimally.

Troubleshooting Steps for Ring Alarm Cellular Backup Issues

Checking Power and Connections

First, ensure that your Ring Alarm Base Station is connected to a working power source. If there was a power outage, make sure the power has been restored and your Base Station is re-connected to AC power.

Also, confirm that you have a working internet connection, as this is essential for the Base Station to function properly.

Resetting the Base Station

ring alarm power reset stuck on cell 2
- ring alarm power reset stuck on cell

If your Ring Alarm Base Station is still stuck on cellular backup, try resetting the device. To do this, quickly press and release the reset button at the back of the device using a paper clip or a similar tool.

Remember not to press and hold the reset button for more than one second, as this could factory reset the device instead.

Rebooting the Router and Modem

Another option is to reboot your modem and router, which may resolve any network issues that could be causing the problem.

Power off your modem for at least two minutes, then turn it back on and ensure it is online before plugging in the Ring Alarm Base Station.

If possible, try swapping Ethernet ports on your modem and the Base Station.

Inspecting Network Settings

Check your network settings in the Ring App to help resolve the issue. Open the app and follow these steps:

Tap the three lines in the top left corner.
Select Devices from the list.
Choose the device that needs to be reconnected to Wi-Fi (in this case, the Alarm).
Tap on Reconnect to Wi-Fi or Change Wi-Fi Network.

You can also try a direct Ethernet connection as a test to see if the connection is successful. From the Ring App dashboard, follow these steps:

Open the Menu and select Devices.
Select Alarm, then choose your Base Station.
From the Base Station page, tap the settings cog in the top right corner.
Select Network Settings and then Change Connection.

We highly recommend using an Ethernet connection, even as a temporary solution, as it may resolve the cellular backup issue.

Advanced Solutions for Ring Alarm Cellular Backup Issues

ring alarm stuck on cellular 3
- ring alarm stuck on cellular

If your Ring Alarm is still showing a cellular backup issue even after following basic troubleshooting steps, consider trying out these advanced solutions to help resolve the problem.

Factory Resetting the Ring Alarm Base Station

If none of the previous steps have resolved the issue, you may want to try factory resetting your Ring Alarm Base Station.

To do this:

1. Locate the reset button at the back of the device.
2. Press and hold the reset button for about 20 seconds. You should see the light on the device change, indicating that the factory reset is in progress.
3. Once the reset is complete, you’ll need to reconnect your Base Station to your Wi-Fi network or connect it via Ethernet cable.
4. Open the Ring app on your device, go to Network Settings, and choose “Change Connection” to reconfigure your connection method.

Note that factory resetting your device will erase all of your settings and require you to set up your Ring Alarm system again. Only proceed with this step if you are comfortable with this outcome.

Contacting the Ring Support Team

If you have tried all of the above solutions and your Ring Alarm is still showing cellular backup issues, it may be time to reach out to the Ring Support Team for help.

Ring Support provides knowledgeable assistance in troubleshooting and resolving issues with your system, such as:

Challenges with Wi-Fi connectivity, including changes in router settings.
Issues stemming from power outages or surges.
Problems related to malfunctioning devices, including battery backup and monitoring.

To contact the Ring Support Team, you can visit their support website, call or chat with their customer service representatives, or explore the community forum for additional troubleshooting advice from fellow Ring users.

Keep in mind that the Ring Support Team is there to assist you – don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help troubleshooting and resolving your Ring Alarm’s cellular backup issues.

Understanding the Role of the Ring Protect Plus Plan

In this section, you will learn about the Ring Protect Plus Plan and its importance when dealing with Ring Alarm Cellular Backup.

Features and Benefits of the Plan

The Ring Protect Plus Plan offers various features and benefits to enhance your security system experience. Notable features include:

  • 24/7 professional monitoring of your security system
  • Unlimited video storage for all your Ring devices in one location
  • Extended warranty on all Ring devices
  • Cellular backup for times when your internet is down
  • 10% discount on Ring devices purchased through the Ring app or website

These features provide you with an additional layer of security and ensure that your Ring devices are functioning optimally.

Relation to Alarm Cellular Backup

The Ring Alarm Cellular Backup is an essential feature of the Ring Protect Plus Plan.

This is because when you experience an internet outage, whether due to an issue with your Wi-Fi connection or your internet service provider, your Ring security system would lose its functionality.

With the Alarm Cellular Backup, the Ring Base Station can continue to operate using a cellular connection.

As a part of the Ring Protect Plus Plan, your Ring devices are also equipped with battery backup in case of power outages.

Your Base Station has a 24-hour battery back-up when running on internal battery.

When your Wi-Fi connection or power has been restored, your Base Station will automatically switch back to your regular internet connection.

If your Ring Alarm is stuck on Alarm Cellular Backup, it is important to troubleshoot and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

To do this, reset your Wi-Fi router, switch to an Ethernet connection if possible, or power cycle your Base Station.

If the issue persists, contact the Ring Support Team for further assistance.

Important Considerations for Ring Alarm Users

As a Ring Alarm user, it’s essential to be aware of several factors that may impact the performance and functionality of your security system.

This section will explore the integration with Echo Dot, potential limitations, and range issues you might face.

Echo Dot Integration

One of the advantages of using a Ring Alarm Pro Base Station is its compatibility with Echo Dot devices.

This integration enables you to control your security system using voice commands.

To set this up, ensure you have a Ring Protect subscription and follow the step-by-step instructions provided by Ring Alarm Support.

Remember to keep your Echo Dot and Ring Alarm Pro Base Station within range of each other to maintain a stable connection.

Potential Limitations

When your Ring Alarm is on cellular backup mode due to a power cut or internet disconnection, you might experience some limitations in the system’s functionality.

For instance, you may lose access to certain monitoring options and extra data provided by your Ring Alarm Pro system.

To resolve this issue, follow the troubleshooting steps provided in your user manual, such as rebooting your Wi-Fi router or resetting your network settings.

If the problem persists, it’s essential to contact Ring Customer Support for further assistance. They will help assess your specific situation and offer guidance on any necessary actions to restore full functionality to your security system.

Range Issues

Ring Alarm systems utilize radio waves to communicate with various devices, such as sensors and cameras.

It’s crucial to be aware of potential range limitations that might cause interruptions in your system’s performance.

Factors such as the distance between your Ring Alarm Pro Base Station and other devices, as well as physical obstructions like walls, can impact the signal strength.

To mitigate range issues, consider the following recommendations:

  • Place your Ring Alarm Pro Base Station near the center of your property to maximize coverage.
  • Ensure your Wi-Fi router and Ethernet connection are functioning optimally to maintain a strong internet signal.
  • Minimize physical obstructions and adjust the placement of devices as needed to improve communication between them.

By addressing range issues proactively, you can enhance the reliability and effectiveness of your Ring Alarm security system, keeping your property safe and secure.