Ring Linked Event

Nowadays, ensuring the security of your home is more important than ever. With the innovation of smart devices, you can create a well-connected security system that simplifies your life while offering peace of mind. One such solution is Ring’s linked events feature, which seamlessly connects all your Ring devices to function together and enhance your home security.

In a Ring linked event, your Ring devices work in tandem, triggered by a specific event, such as motion detection or alarm activation. For instance, if your Ring Video Doorbell senses motion, it will not only send you a notification and begin recording, but also initiate a linked event, prompting your other Ring devices to start recording as well. This feature allows for a more comprehensive security coverage, ensuring that you are aware of any potential threats around your home.

Ring Linked Event Basics

Linked Devices

A Ring Linked Event allows you to connect your Ring devices together for enhanced security and a more comprehensive monitoring system. By linking your devices, you can set up a group of them to function in a certain way based on your home security needs. For example, when motion is detected on your Ring Video Doorbell, the device will send you a notification, start recording, and simultaneously trigger other linked devices to also start recording.

To achieve this, you should:

  1. Open the Ring app on your smart device.
  2. Tap on the device you want to link from the list.
  3. Tap on the Linked Devices tab within the device profile.

You can now see a list of your other Ring devices and select the ones you want to link together.

Ring Devices

Here are some popular Ring devices that can be linked together to create a more efficient and well-rounded security system:

  • Ring Video Doorbells: These doorbells can be connected to other Ring devices, so when motion is detected, it will trigger the linked devices to work together and record the event.
  • Ring Security Cameras: Linking these cameras with other Ring devices allows them to automatically start recording when another device is activated, providing a broader coverage of your home.
  • Ring Smart Lighting: By linking your smart lights with other Ring devices, you can program them to turn on automatically when motion is detected or an alarm is triggered.

In summary, Ring Linked Event Basics involve connecting multiple Ring devices together, enabling them to work as a team when motion events are detected or alerts are triggered. By taking advantage of this feature, you can enhance your home security and make it easier to monitor different areas of your property.

Ring App and Functionality

The Ring app offers versatile control over your Ring devices, including Video Doorbells and Ring Alarm systems. Available for both Android and iOS platforms, the Ring app enhances your home security experience and enables seamless device linking.

Video Doorbells

Ring Video Doorbells enhance your home’s security, allowing you to answer the door and communicate with visitors without opening it. The Ring App offers easy access to the live feed from your Video Doorbell, event history, and notification settings:

  • View Live Feed from your Video Doorbell to monitor your front door
  • Access Event History to review past events such as motion detections and doorbell rings
  • Control Notification Settings to receive personalized alerts based on motion zones and sensitivity levels

Ring Alarm

The Ring Alarm system ensures the safety of your home through a combination of sensors and smart devices. With the Ring app, you can seamlessly manage your Ring Alarm system:

  • Arm or Disarm your Ring Alarm system remotely
  • Obtain real-time status of your security devices, including door/window sensors, motion detectors, and more
  • Customize Alert Settings to receive notifications when specific alarm events occur

Device Linking

Device Linking allows you to connect multiple Ring devices for an enhanced security experience. By linking devices, you can synchronize their functionality, providing extended coverage and coordination:

  • Set up Linked Events to trigger actions on multiple devices when an event occurs (e.g., motion detected on a Video Doorbell results in cameras beginning to record automatically)
  • Combine devices in Groups to manage settings and control them collectively
  • Integrate with smart home systems and platforms like Amazon Echo Show for voice control and synchronized actions

With the Ring app at your fingertips, you have full control over your home security ecosystem. Video Doorbells, Ring Alarm systems, and robust device linking capabilities provide a comprehensive and flexible security solution for your home.

Recording and Live View

Auto-Recorded Events

When using a Ring Video Doorbell, Floodlight Cam, or Spotlight Cam, auto-recorded events are a useful feature. These events are triggered by motion detection or linked alarms and automatically initiate the recording process. With the Ring App, you can customize the settings for your device to determine which actions activate the automatic recording, such as:

  • Motion detection
  • Alarm activation
  • Linked device events

Recording Functions

There are various recording functions provided by Ring devices, including:

  • Motion-activated recording: Initiated when motion is detected on your camera-enabled device, such as the Ring Video Doorbell or Floodlight Cam
  • Linked device recording: A recording triggered by an event from another Ring device, such as a security camera, doorbell, or an activated alarm system

Some Ring devices, like battery-operated cameras or doorbells, have unique recording capabilities. With these devices, you can optimize their functions to provide the best recording experience according to your preferences.

Live View

Live View allows you to stream real-time video from your Ring doorbells and security cameras directly on your Ring App. This feature can be accessed without a Ring Protect subscription, and both account owners and Shared Users can use it. To start a Live View session, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the Ring App
  2. Select the desired device from the device list
  3. Tap the “Live View” button

If you have a Ring Protect subscription, video recordings of Live View actions will be saved automatically, and you can access these recordings within one to two minutes.

As you set up and use your Ring devices, you can optimize these recording and Live View features to suit your needs and preferences, ensuring that you have the best possible security experience.

Ring Protect Plans


A Ring Protect Plan is an optional subscription service designed to enhance the features of your Ring devices, such as video doorbells, cameras, and alarms. This plan allows you to save, review, and share recordings from your Ring devices to your Ring account. There are three different levels of Ring Protect Plans to suit your needs.

Ring Protect Plan

With a Ring Protect Plan, you can get the most out of your Ring devices by subscribing to a package that meets your home’s requirements. Here’s a breakdown of the available plans:

  • Ring Protect Basic: This plan covers a single Ring device and includes video history for 60 days, video saving and sharing, and snapshot capture.
  • Ring Protect Plus: This plan covers all your Ring devices at one location and includes video history for 60 days, video saving and sharing, snapshot capture, and 24/7 alarm professional monitoring.
  • Ring Protect Pro: In addition to the features provided in Ring Protect Plus, the Ring Protect Pro also offers cellular backup and extended warranties on your Ring devices.

Ring Protect Subscription

To get started with a Ring Protect Plan, follow these steps:

  1. Link your Amazon and Ring accounts: Download the Ring app and sign in. Tap “Link your Amazon Account”, enter your Ring password, and sign in using your Amazon login and password.
  2. Choose a plan that suits your needs and attach it to the desired device or location.

Remember, you can cancel your Ring Protect Plan at any time without any long-term commitment. This flexibility allows you to choose the subscription that works best for your home’s security and your personal preferences.

Home Security and Lighting

Home Security

Your home is your sanctuary, and ensuring its safety is crucial. One way to enhance your home’s security is through connected Ring devices such as the Ring Video Doorbell, Stick Up Cam, and Ring Floodlight Cam. These products work together through Linked Devices, allowing for more comprehensive coverage and event detection around your property. For example, when motion is detected by your Ring Video Doorbell, not only will you receive a notification, but other linked devices can also be triggered to record or activate security features, providing a more robust response to potential security threats.


Lighting plays a vital role in deterring potential intruders and increasing the visibility around your home’s exterior. With Ring’s smart lighting products like the Ring Spotlight and Floodlight, you can remotely control the brightness, duration, and motion detection sensitivity. Additionally, integrating these lighting products with your Ring security devices enhances their efficiency by coordinating their functions upon detecting an event. This way, any suspicious activity triggers an immediate and adequate lighting response, illuminating your property and further securing your home.


Here are some Ring products that work well together for optimal home security and lighting:

  • Ring Video Doorbell: This device notifies you of any visitor at your door and allows you to monitor and communicate with them through its camera, microphone, and speaker.
  • Ring Stick Up Cam: It is a versatile, battery-powered, indoor/outdoor camera that can be positioned anywhere around your property to keep an eye on your home and detect possible intruders.
  • Ring Floodlight Cam: Combines a powerful floodlight with a camera, offering high-quality video surveillance and bright illumination as an effective security measure.
  • Ring Spotlight: A smart motion-activated lighting device that can be installed on exterior walls, fences, and other areas that may need additional lighting for security purposes.

By linking these devices through the Ring app and using their Linked Devices feature, you can create a seamless and comprehensive security and lighting system that will help protect your home and provide peace of mind.