Why is My Ring Camera Black and White?

Have you ever wondered why your Ring Camera displays black and white footage? This issue is not uncommon and can be quite frustrating, especially when you rely on your camera for safety and security purposes. Thankfully, there are several potential reasons behind the problem, and understanding them will help you get your device back to functioning correctly.

Causes of Black and White Images

There are various reasons why your Ring doorbell camera may display black and white images. In this section, we’ll explore the most common causes, which include infrared lights, camera settings, night vision, and environmental factors.

Infrared Lights

Your Ring doorbell uses infrared lights to help capture clear images in low-light conditions. When these lights are active, the video feed may appear black and white. This is because infrared light can alter the visibility of the camera. The activation of infrared lights typically indicates that the camera is operating in night mode.

Camera Settings

Your Ring doorbell camera settings can also influence the video feed’s appearance. Ensure that your camera settings are correctly configured, as incorrect adjustments could result in a black-and-white display. You can double-check your settings in the Ring app while also exploring various video configuration options.

Night Vision

night vision doorbell 1
- night vision doorbell

The night vision feature may be the most common cause of black and white images. When night vision mode is active, it uses infrared lights to help enhance image quality in low-light environments. If your camera remains in night vision mode during the day or in well-lit areas, it may not switch back to standard mode, leaving the video in black and white. Restarting your camera or manually adjusting the settings can help resolve this issue.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors, such as shade or the position of the Ring doorbell, can contribute to black and white images. If your Ring doorbell is installed under an overhang, in a shaded area or where there is limited lighting, the lack of light may cause it to remain in night vision mode. Ensuring that the area around your doorbell has sufficient lighting can help alleviate this issue.

Now that you have a better understanding of the common causes for black and white images, you can take the necessary steps to address these issues and improve your Ring doorbell camera’s video quality.

Troubleshooting Options

In this section, we will explore various troubleshooting options to help you resolve the black and white issue with your Ring Camera.

Restart the Device

The first step in troubleshooting your Ring Camera is to perform a restart. Restarting the device can help with various issues:

  • Cloud connectivity
  • Smart features
  • Video quality

To restart your Ring Doorbell, follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove the device from its mounting bracket
  2. Disconnect the power source, if applicable
  3. Wait 30 seconds, then reconnect the power source and reattach the device to its mounting bracket

After restarting, check to see if the black and white mode issue has been resolved.

Adjust Infrared Settings

Another possible solution is to make adjustments to the infrared settings of your Ring Camera. Infrared settings control the night vision feature, which may cause the black and white mode if improperly adjusted:

  1. Open the Ring app and tap the device you want to adjust
  2. Tap the gear icon to access Device Settings
  3. Look for the Night Vision option under the Video Settings tab
  4. Set the Night Vision to ‘Auto’ if it’s currently set to ‘Normal’

Check Lighting Conditions

Inspect the lighting conditions around your Ring Camera:

  • Ensure sufficient lighting on your porch or installation location
  • Address any lighting issues that may cause poor contrast or visuals

Improving the lighting conditions may help your Ring Camera switch out of black and white mode.

Change the Environment

If the above solutions don’t resolve the issue, you may need to change the environment of the doorbell camera:

  • Adjust the camera’s angle
  • Consider changing the installation location to avoid obstructions

By modifying the environment, you can help the Ring Camera differentiate between day and night more accurately, preventing black and white mode issues.

Contacting Technical Support

If you have tried various fixes and your Ring camera continues to display black and white footage, it might be time to contact the Ring technical support team. They have expert knowledge of their products and can provide you with additional troubleshooting methods to resolve the issue.

To contact the technical support team, you can either call them, send an email, or use the live chat option available on the Ring website. Before you reach out, be prepared with your Ring device’s serial number, your account information, and a description of the issue you’re experiencing.

Throughout the support process, it’s essential to follow the instructions provided by the technical support team. They may ask you to check certain settings, perform specific tests, or even provide additional information. Remember to be patient, as they are working to help you resolve the issue with your Ring camera.

Here are some steps you can take when contacting Ring’s technical support:

  • Visit the Ring website and look for their contact information or the live chat option
  • Prepare the necessary information, like your device’s serial number and account details
  • Provide a detailed description of the issue and any steps you have already taken to resolve it
  • Follow the instructions provided by the technical support team carefully
  • Be patient, as they work to diagnose and resolve the issue with your camera

Involving the Ring technical support team is an important step in ensuring your security camera functions properly. By working together, you can resolve the black and white footage issue and ensure your camera provides clear, colored video for optimal home surveillance.