Why is the Green Battery Light Flashing on My Ring Keypad? Troubleshooting Guide

Having a Ring keypad in your home security system can provide added convenience and peace of mind. As with any electronic device, it’s essential to understand the various signals and indicator lights to ensure proper functioning. One such indicator light on the Ring keypad is the green battery light, which can sometimes be seen flashing. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this flashing green light and provide guidance on how to address it.

Understanding the Ring Keypad and Its Lights

Meanings of LED Indicating Lights

The Ring Keypad uses various LED indicator lights to communicate its status and any alerts that you should be aware of.

Here is a brief description of the different colors and their meanings:

LED Light ColorMeaning
Red Solid LightUsually indicates that the alarm has been triggered, and the siren is active.
Yellow Solid LightA yellow light may signify a low battery, indicating that the keypad needs to be charged.
Green Solid LightA solid green light typically shows connectivity and signifies that the system is functioning correctly. A flashing green light, on the other hand, indicates that the Ring Keypad is currently charging.
Blue Light:This is generally associated with Bluetooth connectivity, such as when pairing the keypad to your Ring Alarm system.
White LightA white light typically signifies successful configuration or pairing with the Ring Alarm system.

Ring Alarm Keypad Components

The Ring Alarm Keypad consists of various components that help you manage and monitor your security system:

Keypad ComponentFunction
Mode ButtonsThese buttons allow you to arm or disarm your Ring Alarm system. You can choose between three modes, such as Home, Away, and Disarmed.
Numeric KeypadThe keypad is used for entering codes or other numerical inputs required to operate the system.
Panic ButtonThe panic button is a quick way to trigger the alarm in case of an emergency.
LED IndicatorAs discussed earlier, LED lights on the Ring Keypad display various statuses, such as power, battery life, and connectivity.

The Ring Keypad can also be set to operate with different behaviors related to the LED lights, such as staying on at all times (when plugged into a working power source), lighting up only when sensing motion or turning on only when a button is pressed.

There are also exit and entry delays, which give you a specific amount of time to leave your home after arming the Ring Alarm system or to disarm the system upon entering your home. These timeframes can be adjusted as per your preferences.

Green Battery Flashing Light on Ring Keypad

Possible Causes and Fixes

The green battery flashing light on the Ring Keypad can indicate several situations happening with the device. Key reasons for a green blinking light and their solutions include:

CauseHow To Fix
Device ChargingThe green battery flashing light often means that the device is charging.

The light will continue to blink until charging is complete, after which, the light should either turn solid green or turn off, depending on the model.
If the green light is blinking due to charging, simply wait for the device to finish charging.

Once the light turns solid green or turns off completely, your Ring Keypad should be charged and ready for use.
Connectivity IssuesThe Ring Keypad may also show a green flashing light when there are issues with its connection to the base station or Wi-Fi network. If the green blinking light is due to connectivity issues, follow these steps to identify and resolve the issue:

Check the connection between the Ring Keypad and the base station. Make sure both devices are powered on, and move the keypad closer to the base station if needed.

Verify your Wi-Fi connection and ensure that the Ring Keypad is connected to the correct network.

Reset both the base station and Ring Keypad by unplugging them from power sources for a few seconds, then plugging them back in. This can help reestablish the connection.
Low BatteryIn some cases, the green blinking light can also signify that the batteries in the Ring Keypad are running low and need replacement. If the green blinking light is due to low batteries, replace the batteries with new ones.

To do this, open the battery compartment and insert fresh batteries in the correct positions, ensuring proper orientation as indicated by the battery icons inside the compartment.

Close the compartment and check if the light issue is resolved.

By addressing these potential causes, you should be able to resolve the green battery flashing light issue on your Ring Keypad and ensure its optimal functioning.

Battery and Power Management of Ring Alarm Keypad

ring keypad battery life and charging 1
- ring keypad battery life and charging

Battery Life and Charging

The Ring Alarm Keypad comes with a rechargeable battery that provides impressive battery life, offering around six to nine months per charge* under typical usage. Charging the Ring Keypad is simple and convenient as it comes with a movable panel that makes it easy to reposition for charging without removing it from the wall completely.

When charging the keypad, you might notice the green battery light flashing. This indicates that the battery is being charged. Wait until the light turns solid green or, in some cases, the light may turn off completely before disconnecting it from the charger. A solid green or the absence of light signifies that the Ring Keypad is fully charged and ready for use.

Battery Saver Mode and Power Save Options

To optimize the battery life of your Ring Alarm Keypad, it’s important to take advantage of the available power-saving options. These options help preserve battery life by reducing power consumption when the keypad is not in use:

  • Power Save On: When this setting is enabled, your Ring Alarm Keypad will enter a low-power mode after a period of inactivity. This helps conserve power without sacrificing overall functionality and security.
  • Power Save Off: Choose this option if you prefer not to use power-saving features, or if you need the keypad to be continuously active. This may reduce the overall battery life of the device.

Using the power-saving features in combination with regular charging, you can ensure that your Ring Alarm Keypad will continue to have a reliable and long-lasting battery life, ranging from nine to eleven months*, depending on your usage habits and the selected power-saving options.

*Battery life may vary depending on usage habits, power-saving options, and environmental factors.

Ring Alarm Modes and Interactions

alarm modes 2
- alarm modes

Disarm Mode Button

The Ring Alarm Keypad offers three main security modes: Disarm, Home, and Away. The Disarm Mode Button is designed to turn off your home security entirely, allowing unrestricted access to your home without triggering any alarms. This is useful when you or your family members are at home and need to move freely. Pressing the Disarm button and entering your PIN, will disable all sensors and alarms associated with the Ring Alarm system.

Away Mode Button

Away Mode is designed to provide complete security coverage for your home when you are not present. Activating Away Mode engages all the sensors, including motion detectors, door and window sensors, and more. To enable Away Mode, press the Away Mode Button on your Ring Alarm Keypad followed by your PIN. Ensure all doors and windows are closed before arming the system in Away Mode. The system will typically have a set countdown time, giving you enough time to exit your home before the alarm is activated.

Home Mode Button

Home Mode is an ideal option for when you want to arm the Ring Alarm system while still being inside the house. This mode typically arms only the doors and window sensors, leaving the motion detectors and other internal sensors inactive, providing a secure perimeter without activating alarms due to movement within the home. To enable Home Mode, press the Home Mode Button on your Ring Alarm Keypad and enter your PIN. Home Mode offers additional security while allowing you and your family to move around the house comfortably.

Troubleshooting Ring Keypad Issues

In this section, we will discuss common issues with the Ring Keypad and their remedies. We will focus on three main sub-sections: Device Connectivity, Faulted Sensor, and Remedies.

Keypad Connectivity

ring keypad connectivity 2 3
- ring keypad connectivity 2

When experiencing connectivity issues with your Ring Keypad, several factors may be responsible. First, ensure the keypad is within range of the base station. Additionally, you can check:

  • Connection with the Wi-Fi network – confirm the strength of the Wi-Fi signal around the keypad
  • Interference from other electronic devices – move any other devices creating a connection issue away from the keypad
  • Firmware updates – ensure that both the Ring Keypad and the base station are up-to-date with the latest firmware versions

Faulted Sensor

A green battery flashing light on your Ring Keypad may indicate a faulted sensor. Check the following aspects related to your sensors:

  1. Low battery level – the flashing green light may signify a low battery level, which is interfering with the sensor’s ability to function properly
  2. Physical damage – inspect the sensors for any visible damage or wear and tear
  3. Misalignment – confirm that your sensors are correctly placed and aligned, as misalignment can cause false alarms or performance issues
  4. Environmental factors – extreme temperatures or humidity can affect the sensors’ functionality


There are several steps you can take to resolve issues with your Ring Keypad and its sensors:

  • Charge the keypad: If the green battery light is flashing, let it charge until the light turns solid green or goes off, indicating a fully charged battery
  • Reboot the keypad and base station: Power off the devices, wait for 10 to 15 seconds, and then power them back on again to re-establish a connection
  • Address sensor issues: Replace batteries, fix misaligned sensors, or adjust their position in response to environmental factors
  • Check firmware updates: Make sure your Ring Keypad and base station have the latest updates installed
  • Contact Ring Support: If all else fails, reach out to Ring’s customer support for further assistance

Controlling Ring Security System via App

The Ring app allows you to monitor and control your Ring security system remotely. This not only enhances the overall security of your home but also provides you with a convenient way to access your alarm base station and other connected devices.

Remote Control Options

The following are some of the remote control options available in the Ring app:

Arm and DisarmYou can arm or disarm your Ring security system with just a tap on your smartphone.
The Ring app provides three modes: Home, Away, and Disarmed, allowing you to customize your security settings.
Viewing Live FeedThe Ring app allows you to view live feed from your security cameras, ensuring that you can keep an eye on your home even when you’re not there.
Managing UsersThe app helps you manage access to your security system by adding or removing users and assigning them different roles. Each user can have their own PIN code to control the system through the Ring Alarm Keypad. The app also allows you to edit or change PIN codes as needed.
Setting Up and Configuring DevicesYou can use the Ring app to set up and configure your Ring security system devices, including door/window sensors, motion detectors, cameras, and the alarm base station.
Receiving AlertsThe Ring app sends you notifications when something is amiss or when there is an event, such as a door/window opening or a motion detected.

With these remote control options, the Ring app becomes a central hub for managing your Ring security system. By leveraging its functionalities, you can ensure the safety and security of your home while also enjoying the convenience of controlling your devices from anywhere, anytime.