Can You Use Wyze Cams Without Internet?

Wondering if you’re Wyze Cam will work without an internet connection? You can record to an SD card when the cam is offline, after setting up the camera using an internet connection. However not everything will work, some functions do require an internet connection. So keep reading because we’ll cover what you can and cant do with your Wyze Cam when its not connected to the internet.

Key Takeaways

  • Wyze Cam requires an internet connection for initial setup and certain features, but can record locally using an SD card for offline use.
  • The Wyze Outdoor Cam has a Travel Mode function to operate without internet access.
  • Accessing locally stored files and using app-based settings changes will require an internet connection.

Wyze Cam Basic Functions

The Wyze Cam is a versatile and affordable home security camera that offers many features for users. Although it is designed to work with an internet connection to access live streaming video, receive notifications, and utilize the app for setting adjustments, it can still function without internet access in certain situations.

Local recording with SD card

One way to use the Wyze Cam without an active internet connection is to enable local recording onto an SD card. This method allows the camera to continue recording video clips even when there is no Wi-Fi connection available. However, if you want to view the recordings and control the camera remotely, you will need internet access.

Connection to a local network without internet

If you have a Wi-Fi router without an active internet connection, you can still utilize the Wyze Cam to some extent. By connecting the camera to the local network, you will be able to view the live stream and access your device, but features like notifications and remote access will not be available.

Using a mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi extender

In case you lack a stable internet connection, using a mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi extender can improve the Wyze Cam’s connectivity and performance. This can help you maintain access to the camera’s features when your primary internet connection is unreliable or unavailable.

Travel Mode for Wyze Outdoor Cam

The Wyze Outdoor Cam comes with a unique feature called Travel Mode. It allows the camera to operate without an internet connection, making it suitable for scenarios where you might lack consistent Wi-Fi access. It’s important to note that this feature is only available on the Wyze Outdoor Cam and not on other Wyze Cam models.

In summary, while it is true that the Wyze Cam is designed to work with an internet connection, there are ways to use it without one. By utilizing local recording, connecting to a local network, or using alternative methods such as mobile hotspots or Wi-Fi extenders, you can continue to benefit from the camera’s basic functions even when you don’t have access to an active internet connection.

Offline Wyze Cam Usage

Local Recording

Wyze Cams can be utilized for local recording without an active internet connection through the use of a microSD card. Setting up the camera initially requires internet connectivity, but once configured, you can count on local recording for offline use. By inserting a microSD card into the Wyze Cam, you enable the camera to capture and store continuous recording or event-triggered clips onto the card.

It’s crucial to note that without an internet connection, you won’t be able to access these recorded videos using the Wyze app remotely. In this case, you will have to physically remove the microSD card to view the captured footage on a computer or other compatible devices.

Travel Mode

Another offline option available for Wyze Cam Outdoor is the Travel Mode. This feature allows the camera to operate without the need for an internet connection. It’s specifically designed to cater to situations where Wi-Fi access is unavailable or not ideal, making it suitable for monitoring areas during travel, camping, or other outdoor activities.

To enable Travel Mode on your Wyze Cam Outdoor, simply follow the instructions in the Wyze app. This will allow you to record videos directly to the microSD card and access them using the Wyze app while in proximity to the camera. Keep in mind that this feature is exclusively available for Wyze Cam Outdoor and not for other Wyze Cam models.

Internet-Based Features

Wyze Cam is a versatile smart camera with a range of features that depend on an internet connection. In this section, we will explore some of these internet-based features and their reliance on Wi-Fi connectivity.

Alert Videos

One of the key features of the Wyze Cam is its ability to record alert videos. These are short clips triggered by motion or sound detection that can be uploaded to the cloud. An internet connection is necessary for uploading these clips and accessing them through the Wyze app.

Live Stream Video

Live stream video is another feature that requires an internet connection. When your Wyze Cam is connected to a Wi-Fi network, you are able to view the live feed through the Wyze app. This feature allows you to keep an eye on your home or other designated areas in real-time.


To receive prompt notifications from the Wyze Cam, such as motion detection alerts or sound detection alerts, you will need a Wi-Fi connection. Notifications are sent to your mobile device via the Wyze app, informing you of potential events happening in your monitored area.

Sound Detection

Sound detection is a feature that analyses audio signals to trigger alert videos or notifications. While the Wyze Cam is capable of listening and analysing audio without an internet connection, it is still reliant on Wi-Fi to send alerts and upload recorded clips. Without an internet connection, these features will not be available.

Accessing Local Files

Raw Video Files

Wyze Cams can be used without an internet connection by recording raw video files to an SD card. To do this, insert an SD card into the camera and configure it to record locally. The raw video files can then be accessed directly through the SD card using a computer. The camera stores video files in a standard format, making it easy to view and manage the recorded footage on your computer.

Playback Feature

In addition to accessing raw video files from an SD card, Wyze Cam offers a playback feature, which allows you to view recorded footage directly in the Wyze app. While it requires a local Wi-Fi connection, an internet connection is not necessary. Simply connect your Wyze Cam to your local Wi-Fi router without an active internet link and ensure that your mobile device is also connected to the same network. Then, you can use the Wyze app to access the playback feature and review the recorded footage on your smartphone or tablet.

Remember to keep your Wyze Cam connected to your local Wi-Fi network and minimize any interruptions to maintain smooth access to recorded files using the playback feature.

Wyze Cam and Wi-Fi Network Settings

Base Station

Wyze Cam requires an internet connection through Wi-Fi to function optimally. Specifically, it works best with a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. While setting up your Wyze Cam, ensure that your smartphone or tablet is connected to the appropriate Wi-Fi network.


When configuring your Wyze Cam settings, it is important to secure your device by setting up a strong password. Make sure to use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters for better protection. Once you have set the password, your camera will be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network securely.

Local Network

You can use Wyze Cam without an active internet connection after the initial setup. While you will not be able to access the Live Stream, receive notifications, or modify camera settings through the app, Wyze Cam v3 can still function on your local network. However, keep in mind that for the best experience, an internet connection is recommended.

Please note that Wyze Cam is meant to work primarily with an internet connection, but it can function on a local network with limited features after the initial setup. For a seamless Wyze Cam experience, it is advisable to maintain a stable internet connection.

Wyze Cam Integration

Wyze Cams are designed to be versatile and easy to use, offering various integrations to fit seamlessly with your smart home ecosystem. With support for the RTSP protocol, integration with Alexa and Google Assistant, and an app for your phone, Wyze Cam / Outdoor connects you to your home even when you are away. This section outlines the main integrations available with Wyze Cams.

RTSP Protocol

The RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) is an essential feature of Wyze Cams that allows for the streaming of video feeds, enabling users to connect to third-party applications and devices like Network Video Recorders (NVRs). This capability makes it possible to integrate your Wyze camera with other security systems in real-time. It’s important to note that only the Wyze Cam V2 and Wyze Cam Pan support the RTSP protocol, while the Wyze Cam V3 does not.

Alexa and Google Assistant

Wyze Cams are compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling easy integration into your smart home ecosystem. With this integration, you can use voice commands to control and view your Wyze cameras.

Amazon Alexa Integration:

  • Ensure your Wyze Cam is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Alexa-enabled device.
  • Install the Wyze Skill in the Alexa app and link your Wyze account.
  • Discover devices in the Alexa app, and your Wyze cameras will appear.
  • Now, you can ask Alexa to show the live feed of your camera on a compatible Echo Show device or a Fire TV.

Google Assistant Integration:

  • Connect your Wyze Cam to the same Wi-Fi network as your Google Assistant-enabled device.
  • Link your Wyze account in the Google Home app.
  • Discover devices in the Google Home app, and your Wyze cameras will appear.
  • You can now use voice commands to broadcast the live feed of your camera on a compatible Google Nest Hub device or a Chromecast-enabled TV.

Keep in mind that Wyze Cam’s integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant only works when your cameras are connected to the internet. Using the cameras with an internet connection allows for features like live streaming, notifications, and app-based control. To set up and configure the camera, you must have an internet connection and the Wyze app.

Optimizing Wyze Cam Experiences

When it comes to using Wyze cameras without internet, it’s essential to understand their capabilities and limitations based on the camera model, the impact of setting up multiple cameras, and their storage capacity.

Camera Model

Wyze offers multiple camera models, and each has its specifications when used without an internet connection. The Wyze Cam v3 requires an initial setup with an internet connection to access features such as notifications, live stream video, and camera settings in the app. However, after the setup, it can function with local recording to an SD card without internet access. The Wyze Cam Outdoor has a special feature called Travel Mode, which allows it to work independently without an internet connection.

Multiple Cameras

If you plan to use multiple security cameras, it’s crucial to consider the impact on your Wi-Fi network. Remember, each camera must be connected to the Wi-Fi router during initial setup, even if you plan to use them without internet access afterward. To optimize your offline recording experience, you can use a combination of the following options:

  • Mobile hotspots: However, it greatly depends on the coverage area and reliability.
  • Wi-Fi extenders: This can help increase the coverage and stability of the signal throughout your home or property.

Storage Capacity

Wyze Cam can store recorded footage locally on a microSD card, which saves you from the hassle of an internet connection for app-based playback. You can use microSD cards with a storage capacity of up to 256 GB to expand the recording capability of your camera. This allows for continuous recording, time-lapse, and scheduled recording to maximize your camera’s offline functionality.

When using Wyze Cam without internet, be mindful of the camera model’s specifications, the impact on your Wi-Fi network when using multiple cameras, and the storage capacity available for offline recording. Secure your property efficiently and confidently by optimizing the use of your Wyze Cam through these strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wyze Cam work offline?

Wyze Cam can work without an active internet connection after the initial setup. To use it offline, you need to configure the device using the Wyze app first, and then use a micro SD card for local recording. However, you will not be able to access app-based playback, live streaming, or receive notifications without an internet connection.

What is Wyze Cam’s travel mode?

Travel Mode is a feature available in the Wyze Outdoor Cam model. It allows the camera to work without an internet connection by connecting directly to your device using its own Wi-Fi signal. This mode is useful when you need to monitor a location without a Wi-Fi network, like while traveling or camping.

Is a base station necessary for Wyze Cam?

A base station is not required for Wyze Cam v3 or Wyze Cam Pan. These cameras connect directly to your Wi-Fi network. However, the Wyze Cam Outdoor requires a separate base station to connect to the internet and extend its range.

Can Wyze Cam use Wi-Fi Direct?

Wyze Cam does not support Wi-Fi Direct. It needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network during the initial setup and relies on the network for app-based playback, live streaming, and notifications. For offline use without an internet connection, you can rely on local recording using a micro SD card after the initial setup.