Wyze Cam Time Lapse Not Working

So you want to set up a time lapse on your Wyze camera, but you can’t get it to work. No worries! We’ve been there, it could be a simple connectivity problem, or a firmware update or possibly SD card errors. Keep reading and we’ll walk you through the steps to get your time lapse working again!

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If you find your Wyze camera’s time lapse function not performing as expected, there are established troubleshooting steps to follow. These include checking the status of your camera’s WiFi connection, making sure the firmware is up to date, and ensuring that the camera is well-powered and the SD card is functioning correctly.

Understanding Time Lapse on Wyze Cam

With the time-lapse feature on Wyze Cam, you can capture and view events occurring over a long period succinctly. This function allows your home security to include detailed monitoring over extended durations.

Overview of Time-Lapse Feature

Time-lapse is a feature that enables your Wyze Cam to take a series of photos at set intervals which then get stitched together into a video.

This captures the essence of lengthy events within minutes or seconds. It’s particularly useful for observing slow changes that would be too subtle to notice in real-time, such as a sunrise or the growth of a plant.

  • How to Set Up:

    • Choose the start and end time for your time-lapse.
    • Select the time interval between each photo capture.
    • Start the time-lapse, and the Wyze Cam will automatically capture images accordingly.
  • Accessing Your Footage:

    • Once completed, the video must be downloaded from the Wyze Cam to your device to be viewed.
    • The camera and your device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for the transfer.
  • Common Issues:

    • Users report that at times, the camera fails to capture images or the file cannot be found post-capture.
    • Some find that initial attempts at time-lapse work, but subsequent tries result in errors.

Compatibility with Wyze Cam Models

Wyze Cams have brought affordable surveillance to the home security camera market, and different models offer various features.

The time-lapse feature is available on multiple Wyze Cam models, including the popular Wyze Cam v2. However, it’s essential to know the capabilities and limitations of each model to ensure a smooth time-lapse experience.

  • Wyze Cam v2:

    • Fully supports the time-lapse feature.
    • Commonly experiences the ‘file not found’ error when attempting to view the footage.
  • Wyze Cam v3:

    • Requires downloading the footage to your device before viewing.
    • Large file sizes necessitate a stable Wi-Fi connection for successful transfer.

Before You Start

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When experiencing issues with the Wyze Cam time lapse feature, certain preliminary checks are essential to resolving the problem efficiently.

Ensuring Camera and App Compatibility

Your Wyze Cam and the Wyze app must be compatible with your smartphone or tablet. Confirm that you are using a device with an operating system that supports the Wyze app—iOS devices should be on the latest version whenever possible.

Also, check whether your camera model is compatible with the time lapse feature through the official Wyze website or user manual for the year 2023.

Checking Network Connectivity

Your camera’s performance is closely linked to your Wi-Fi network’s strength and stability. Make sure your Wi-Fi network is operational and that your camera is within range to maintain a strong connection.

This is especially critical for large files such as those created by time lapse recordings.

Also, ensure your smartphone or tablet is connected to the same network when attempting to view or download the time lapse content.

Updating Firmware and Software

It is crucial to regularly update your camera’s firmware and the Wyze app on your smartphone or tablet to the latest versions. These updates can solve known issues and improve your camera’s functionality:

  • Firmware: Look for updates in the Wyze app under your camera’s settings to address known time lapse issues.
  • Wyze App: Update the app through your device’s respective app store to ensure you have the latest features and fixes.

Keep all of your devices properly updated to avoid conflicts that could affect your camera’s time lapse functionality.

Setting Up for Time Lapse Recording

Time lapse recording on your Wyze Cam allows you to capture extended periods into condensed clips, showcasing patterns or events that take hours or days to unfold.

To ensure a successful time lapse recording, you’ll need a properly formatted microSD card, appropriately configured settings, and carefully selected intervals.

Inserting and Formatting MicroSD Card

First, insert the microSD card into the slot beneath the camera’s base or within its side compartment. Next, format the card via the Wyze app to ensure it’s ready for use.

This process clears the card of any previous data and sets up the right file system for your time lapse storage needs.

  1. Open your Wyze app and select your camera.
  2. Tap the Settings gear icon.
  3. Navigate to Advanced Settings.
  4. Select Local Storage.
  5. Choose Format to prepare your SD card.

Configuring Time Lapse Settings

Access the time lapse settings within the Wyze app to initiate your recording. Here, specify the start and end times for the capture. The camera must remain powered and maintain a stable Wi-Fi connection throughout the entire duration.

  • Tap the Settings gear icon on your camera’s view.
  • Scroll to and select the Time Lapse option.
  • Fill in the desired start and end times for your time lapse.

Selecting Recording Intervals

Your time lapse’s effectiveness is determined by the intervals you choose. The interval dictates how frequently a frame is captured, affecting the smoothness and speed of your time lapse.

  • Open the Time Lapse setting again.
  • Decide on an interval, such as 3 seconds for rapidly changing subjects or 5 minutes for slower scenes.
  • Confirm your selection to schedule the recording.

Remember to check your camera’s location to ensure it has a clear and unobstructed view of the subject you wish to capture. Properly setting up for time lapse requires a balance of technical and creative thinking to yield the best results.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

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When your Wyze Cam’s time-lapse feature does not work as expected, several common issues may be responsible. This section provides targeted steps to diagnose and resolve these problems efficiently.

Handling Loading and Connectivity Problems

Check your Wyze Cam’s network connection if you are facing loading issues. A stable WiFi connection is essential for time-lapse functionality. Follow these steps to troubleshoot connectivity:

  • Ensure your camera is within range of your router.
  • Restart your network equipment: Restart your router and modem.
  • Confirm that no other device on your network is causing interference.
  • If the problem persists, reach out to Wyze support for professional guidance.
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Resolving Video Download Difficulties

If you encounter issues downloading time-lapse video, your Wyze Cam’s microSD card could be the culprit. Troubleshoot with these actions:

  • Verify that the microSD card is correctly inserted and recognized by the camera.
  • Try using another microSD card to rule out card-specific issues.
  • Check for software updates: Running outdated firmware may cause download problems.

Recovering Missing Time-Lapse Footage

Missing footage can usually be recovered by looking in the right place or performing certain actions. To retrieve your time-lapse videos:

  • Inspect the ‘Album’ section in your Wyze app.
  • If the video is not there, record a live session and save it. This might trigger the app to display missing files.
  • If this method fails, remove and then re-insert the microSD card after turning off your camera.

Rebooting and Resetting Wyze Cam

Refreshing your camera’s system often resolves time-lapse issues. To reboot or reset your Wyze Cam:

  • Power cycle the camera: Unplug it for 30 seconds and then plug it back in.
  • Perform a factory reset if a standard reboot doesn’t fix the problem. You will find the reset instruction in the app or on the Wyze website.

By following these steps, your time-lapse feature should be up and running again. Remember to maintain your equipment and regularly update the firmware to prevent future issues.

Optimal Use of Time Lapse Function

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Maximizing the potential of your Wyze Cam’s time lapse feature requires attention to several critical details. By focusing on the right conditions and applications, you can ensure your time-lapse videos are of the highest quality and utility.

Proper Lighting Conditions for Quality Time Lapse

Ideal Illumination: To capture high-quality time-lapse videos, ensure your camera is placed where sufficient natural or artificial light is present throughout the recording period. Consistent lighting prevents flickering effects and improves the overall clarity of the video.

Managing Shadows: Plan the time lapse during hours when shadows are minimal or when they complement the scene, as shadows can create dramatic effects but may also obscure important details.

Creating Time Lapse Videos During Holidays

Decorations in Motion: Capturing the setup or the full vibrancy of holiday decorations can be especially delightful. Position your Wyze Cam to encompass the area where activities occur. For example, a view of the tree being decorated or a busy kitchen preparing holiday meals.

Security During the Busy Holiday Season: Utilize time lapse to monitor high-traffic areas for added security. The footage can help you review all activities in a condensed format, keeping an eye on the safety of your home during the happy holidays.

Documenting Growth with Time-Lapse Videos

Charting Plant Development: Document the growth of your plants in your grow tent or garden. Set your Wyze Cam to periodically record over weeks or months to create a captivating showcase of natural development.

Observing Seasonal Changes: Place your camera to capture seasonal changes in your outdoor spaces. Whether it’s the transition from autumn to winter or the bustling wildlife, your time-lapse video can become an engaging record of nature’s cycles.

Frequently Asked Questions

When troubleshooting your Wyze Cam issues, specific steps can help you identify and solve the problem. Below, you’ll find common queries with targeted advice to address each concern.

How can I troubleshoot a Wyze Cam that isn’t saving time lapse videos?

If your Wyze Cam is not saving time lapse videos, verify that the SD card is properly installed and has sufficient space. Ensure you’re selecting ‘Start Now’ for immediate recording and confirm the end time is set correctly to allow the time lapse to finish recording.

What steps can I take if my Wyze Cam’s 12-second videos are not working?

Ensure your Wyze Cam has an active internet connection. If the 12-second Event Videos are not working, check your Wyze app to ensure that the ‘Event Recording’ settings are configured to record when motion is detected.

Why is my Wyze Cam Outdoor not recording time lapses?

For Wyze Cam Outdoor, a common issue affecting time lapse recording could be battery level. Confirm the camera is fully charged. Also, verify that the latest firmware is applied to ensure optimal functionality.

How do I resolve issues with video playback not working on my Wyze camera?

Playback issues often relate to network problems. Check your WiFi connection and the strength of the signal reaching your Wyze Cam. Restarting both your camera and router may resolve the video playback problem.

What could be the reason my Wyze camera has stopped recording events?

A Wyze camera might stop recording events due to incorrect settings or subscription issues. Check that ‘Events Recording’ is activated and inspect whether your Cam Plus subscription, if you have one, is current and linked to the correct camera.

How can I download videos from my Wyze camera?

Videos stored on the Wyze Cam’s SD card can be downloaded through the Wyze app. Navigate to the ‘Album’ section under the Wyze Cam settings, select the video you wish to download, and follow the prompts to save it to your device.